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About Amazone company

We’ll talk about the Amazon franchise later before that:

we should know that Amazone company is one the leading companies in the E-Commerce platform where a crore of products are listed, lacs of people are sellers, and Amazon is delivered in the smallest village.

Today, the reach of Amazon is also restricted to the smallest part. People download Amazon’s app or purchase products from the website.

amazone franchise

I think everyone knows how the amazon website works because it’s not only the website. It’s also an application(app) that we can download from the Play Store and run on mobile phones.

amazone franchise

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Benefits to buy from Amazone

  • Delivery available in every area.
  • There are different types of payment methods are available.
  • Replacement in 5 days is available.
  • The Delivery before a duration.
  • Products are available at an affordable price.

“That’s the reason why people trust Amazon.”

Now we’ll talk about the business opportunity and how we can earn from Amazone. This opportunity is for all who want to earn work from home. At this time you can start this business from your own home and you can begin this new business from home.

And this business you can run with the trustable brand Amazone.

Business opportunity by Amazone

There are the following opportunities that Amazone gives you:

  1. Firstly you can open your amazon store in India. there are so many companies who are giving you an opportunity to open an Amazone store in your country.
  2. Secondly is ATES(Amazon Trained E-commerce Seller) so in this opportunity, you can become an ATES and bring a seller to the Amazon platform to sell their products on Amazon

For example, if your friend has a local store and he is selling his products traditionally. so one thing you can do here is you can convince him to bring his shop online and list their products online on Amazon.

And after this, if you are successful in doing this then you’ll get a commission from Amazone of RS 75000 for each seller.

Benefits to becoming an ATES(Amazon Trained E-commerce Seller):

  • You can help those who are running their business offline.
  • Can bring them customers who have a less amount of customers.
  • Can earn an income with the brand name Amazone.
  • you’ll get training from Amazone

Apply now

Amazon franchise by franchise batao

Now you are thinking about how to franchise batao is included in this franchise, so after getting the certificate by completing the course.

amazone franchise

when you become a proper ATES Franchise Batao helps you with promotions like listing on Google, making a Google My Business page on Google, Facebook page, etc.

Amazone franchise is provided by Franchise Batao, where franchise batao helps those people who are completed their course from Amazone.

The charge for promotion by franchise batao is only Rs. 5000/- payment link is given below Payment link

After the payment WhatsApp us your PAN card, and Adhar card and cancel the cheque for the Amazone franchise

Contact us for promotion call us at 7827719099, Mail us at:

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