Bestway Supermart Franchise


Grocery is one of those things which everybody needs and no one can leave without groceries things, So today Franchise Batao had come up with new franchise called Bestway Supermart Franchise.

And also this is the business where you can do anywhere and earn profit with less loss.

About Bestway Supermart

Bestway Supermart is the best online groceries stores which have 18 stores all over India. Not only this they provide discounts in day-to-day life and also they provide online delivery feature to people.

Franchise business model

  • Bestway Supermart: 300sq ft. to 5000sq ft.
  • Bestway Supermart mall: 5100sq ft. to 30000sq.ft

They have two franchise, business models:

  1. Foco Model
  2. Fofo Model

Bestway Supermart Franchise

Foco Model: When we talk about the Foco model then:

  1. Area- 500 to 2000sq.ft
  2. Franchise fee- 3lac+GST

Fofo Model: When we talk about the Fofo model then:

  1. Area- 500 to 2000sq.ft
  2. Franchise fee- 3lac+GST

Why Bestway Supermart Franchise?

  • Reduced cost of investment
  • proven higher return of investment
  • special training offered
  • Brand value

How to apply for this franchise?

  1. Start Your Own Kirana Store Business with ease
  2. Call for the Bestway Franchise on Mob no- +91 92893 72003
  3. email
  4. Apply Online at

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