Burger Ka Theka Franchise: A Tasty Business Opportunity Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into


In the fast-paced world we live in today, fast food has become a staple for many people. The fast food industry has experienced amazing growth due to its convenient service and delicious flavours. One of the brands that has stood out in this competitive market is Burger Ka Theka (For Desi Burger Lovers), a franchise that has captured the hearts and taste buds of burger lovers across Indore.

The growth of the fast food industry

  1. The fast food industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, driven by consumers’ changing lifestyles and preferences.
  2. People are looking for quick and affordable food options that don’t compromise on taste.
  3. This demand has created a fertile ground for fast food franchises to thrive.


Burger Ka Theka USP’s

burger ka theka logo

  1. Discover the Desi Delight at Burger Ka Theka (BKT) – Where affordability meets irresistible flavours Enjoy the mouthwatering essence of Indian-style burgers, meticulously crafted with authentic spices and love.
  2. We take pride in being the most pocket-friendly and delectable burger destination, making every bite a celebration of taste and value. Savor the fusion of tradition and affordability, only at Burger Ka Theka
  3. Experience the Irresistible Desi Delight – Our burgers are a mouthwatering fusion of traditional Indian flavors served at the most unbeatable prices in the fast-food industry.
  4. At Burger Ka Theka, we take pride in offering you the perfect blend of affordability and deliciousness, making every bite a truly delightful experience.

Burger Ka Theka Menu

Burger Ka Theka Menu Burger Ka Theka Menu

Burger franchise opportunities in India

The popularity of fast food chains has been on the rise, and this is at the forefront of this trend. With its growing customer base and loyal following, investing in a Burger Ka Theka franchise business can be a profitable business opportunity. They provide Fofo model to everyone.

Burger Ka Theka offers 2 franchise models in pan India.


Food Court Franchise Model

  • Area:-  150-250 Sq.Ft
  • Investment:- 8 Lacs Only
  • Franchise Fee:-  Rs. 3,00,000 + Gst
  • Tenure:- 5 Years
  • Royalty Fee:- Free
  • Management Fee:- Free

Including Kitchen Equipment, Food Court Interior, Food Materials, Software, Swiggy & Zomato Onboard process.


Dine-in Franchise Model

  • Area:-  300 – 600 Sq.Ft
  • Investment:- 10 Lacs Only
  • Franchise Fee:-  Rs. 4,00,000 + Gst
  • Tenure:- 5 Years
  • Royalty Fee:- Free
  • Management Fee:- Free

Including Kitchen Equipment, Furniture, Din-in Interior, Food Materials, Software, Swiggy & Zomato Onboard process

Why franchise with Burger Ka Theka

  1. Unique Desi Indian Flavours
  2. Unbeatable Affordability
  3. Comprehensive Support and Training
  4. Streamlined Operations
  5. No prior experience is required
  6. Only 3 staff required
  7. Strong Brand Identity
  8. Growing Market Demand
  9. Marketing and Advertising Support
  10. Continuous Innovation
  11. Low Investment, High Returns

How Looks Burger Ka Theka Outlet

burger ka theka franchise outlet

burger ka theka franchise outlet 02 burger ka theka franchise outlet


What You Will Get

what will you get from burger ka theka

  1. Interior branding digital files.
  2. LED board files.
  3. Pamplates for distribution.
  4. Staff dresses- T-shirts, Caps, Aprons.
  5. Menu cards.
  6. Paper Napkins
  7. Butter Papers
  8. Banners designs.
  9. Delivery of raw materials.
  10. FB & Instagram paid promotions.
  11. BKT Team visits without any charges
  12. Manpower Training.
  13. Material buyback guarantee.
  14. Chairs, Counter, Lightning, Furniture, LED
  15. Boards, and Holdings designs.

Success stories of Burger Ka Theka franchise owners

Many franchise owners have achieved great success with Burger Ka Theka. Their stories serve as a testament to the brand’s potential and the opportunities it offers. These success stories highlight the profitability and growth potential of investing in a Burger franchise, inspiring others to embark on this exciting business journey.


Is the Burger Ka Theka franchise the right business opportunity for you?

Investing in a Burger Ka Theka can be a rewarding business opportunity for those passionate about food and entrepreneurship. With its growing popularity, affordable costs, and comprehensive support, Burger Ka Theka offers a solid foundation for success.

If you are ready to sink your teeth into a tasty business venture, contact Burger Ka Theka today at 7827719099 or email franchisebatao.com to explore this exciting opportunity.

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