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Do You all Love Burgers. If Yes than Burger Singh must be one of the Loved Brand by You. Today We are going to Share Details about Burger Singh Franchise Business

So First of all Let’s Know what the Brand is all About

About Burger Singh Brand

Burger Singh is the largest burger chain of an Indian origin by scale. It Has 55+ outlets in 21 cities (with new outlets coming up in 8 more cities) and the 3rd largest burger chain by volume.

Burger Singh is known for its Indian flavored burgers and their quirky branding.

It has wide range of products With product names like

Nikku Singh, United States of Punjab, Bunty Pappeh da Aloo burger, etc.

Burger Singh creates a unique brand recall which is backed up by a very high quality, cost effective product line. It is the fastest growing burger chain in India and the best value franchise in the burger segment. 

Burger Singh Menu


Franchise Models:

There are 3 Different Franchise Models of Burger Singh in India. If you are Looking to Start the same in your City then Must know all Fact about it :

Exclusive Interview with the Founder of Burger Singh 

1) Food Court/ Take away

Area: 300 sq ft + storage space 

Franchise Fee: 5 lacs + taxes 

Set up Cost: 16.5 lacs + taxes (Take away)

Set up Cost: 11 lacs + taxes (Food court)

Expected Revenue Range (depends greatly on location): 6-15 lacs per month 

Expected ROI: Less than 1 year 


2) Dine-in Model

Area: 500 sq ft onwards + storage space 

Franchise Fee: 8 lacs + taxes 

Set up Cost: 25.6 lacs + taxes 

Expected Revenue Range (depends greatly on location): 10-22 lacs per month 

Expected ROI: Less than 2 years 


3) Highway/ Drive-thru Model

Area: 800 sq ft onwards + storage space 

Franchise Fee: 10 lacs + taxes 

Set up Cost: 45.9 lacs +taxes  (depending on size of location) 

Expected Revenue Range (depends greatly on location): 15-30 lacs per month 

Expected ROI: less than 3 years 


Royalty in Burger Singh Franchise

– All models have the same monthly royalty of 8% on Sales


Franchise Support Available:

Company is Providing various Support to their Franchise Business Partners. Some of Which are as follows


  • Location Identification 
  • Rental lease negotiations 
  • Project Onboarding POC to help with all steps of setting up outlet 
  • Multiple approved Vendor options for project and project management support 
  • Licensing support 
  • Hiring Support 
  • Training – Owner and Staff 



  • Franchise Success Manager – single POC for all your dealings 
  • Monthly PNL calls – scrutinise your monthly expenses to maximise profits with our help 
  • Full Supply Chain support for raw material at bulk rates 
  • Central Marketing like Radio, hoardings, social media, etc looked after by brand and design help with local marketing 
  • Burger Singh will manage Zomato/Swiggy relationships and get you bulk deals for commission, advertising and other promotion opportunities 
  • Operations support – A reporting Area Manager by Burger Singh, fully developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), regular audits, retraining, CCTV monitoring, etc 
  • Full Tech Stack for order processing (Point of Sale), Inventory, Advanced analytics, Customer complaint handling, etc 

How to get the Burger Singh Store

So if you have decided to take the Franchise of Burger Singh Brand in your City than just click on :



call on 90290 20888

NOW!! Special offers available in various regions.


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