Franchise Expo For Women Enterprenuership in 2021


women entrepreneurship is who organize a whole business and proper organization on their own, there so many girls are who stand up on this and this so great for all the women. so putting this in mind franchise batao going to organize a women entrepreneurship expo for all especially for women.

Are you Ready to Promote Your Business?

more than 50 brands are coming it’s going to be held in Le Meridien, Sovereign Hall-1, Gate No -2, CP, New Delhi at 10 am to 5 pm on 10th October, Sunday.

you’ll get to know more about every brand we have because every brand will be there. Also, you will get an Exclusive Video Interview.

you will get a chance to improve your business and also get the new opportunity to start a new business from scratch. This is especially for women but also for everyone who wants to bring their enterprises and organization on top.


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Exclusive Video Interview
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Get 1 to 1 Consulting
Get 1000+ Leads

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