How to setup oxygen plant in India


Today I will tell you how to setup oxygen plant in India which is important to know people. So let’s start:

About Oxygen

Oxygen is an element that can be a  solid, liquid or  gas  depending on its temperature and  pressure.  In  the atmosphere  it is found as a gas, more specifically, a  diatomic  gas.  This  means that two oxygen atoms are connected together in a  covalent double bond. Both oxygen atoms and oxygen gas are  reactive substances that are essential for life on Earth.

How to setup oxygen plant in India

Types of oxygen

There are three types of oxygen:

  • Compressed gas systems

Compressed gas systems

  • Portable oxygen concentrators

Portable oxygen concentrators

  • Liquid oxygen systems

Liquid oxygen systems

Oxygen can be given in three ways via concentrator, compressed oxygen gas, liquid oxygen.

Major oxygen suppliers in India

Types of oxygen plant

  • Medical Oxygen Gas Plant
  • Oxygen Gas Plant
  • Industrial Oxygen Gas Plant

Cost of oxygen plant in India

Oxygen Plant Can be set in three Ways

  • ASU: Air Separation Unit
  • PSA: pressure swing adsorption
  • oxygen Concentrator

ASU are Setup in Big Investment. For Example Inox had Setup an ASU in Modinagar with 200- 250 crore Investment

PSA’s Can be started in Low range Such as 10 lakh Onwards

Oxygen Concentrators are Portable machines used to carry and Movement from one place to other. these are mostly placed at Patient’s Home

A plant that can supply 24 cylinders worth of gas each day costs about Rs 33 lakh to set up and can be finished a long time. A 240-bed clinic would need around 550 LPM oxygen. An emergency clinic of that size, say with 40 ICU beds, commonly utilizes oxygen worth about Rs 5 lakh each month.

The requirement to set up an Oxygen Plant in India

if you are looking to start an Oxygen Plant then you Need the Following

  1. Space for the Business
  2. Investment – Either Own or Bank Loan
  3. Factory and Pollution License
  4. GST Registration
  5. Company registration
  6. Trade License

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