Property Batao Real Estate Business Opportunity



Property batao is a real estate platform. This is a perfect destination for those people who needs property at an economical price. And here people can buy, sell and rent any kind of property. This is the perfect platform for providing service Property bataoeasier and faster without any brokerage. And in marketing terms, this is the best real estate business.


About Property Batao

Property Batao is the right way for those people who are dealing in properties and also for those people who are searching for property on real estate. At you can showcase a property, search for a property, browse through properties, and keep yourself updated with the latest options.


Our Fields:-


  • Exclusive  projects
  • Brand Leasing
  • Commercial leasing
  • Mall leasing
  • co-working
  • co- living
  • Rent Free shops
  • Highway projects

Are you looking for the right property at the right destination? 

Call Us at 7065000799, 7827719099,5953594062


Why Choose Us?

Our motive is simple we want to give knowledge of real estate to those people who can’t recognize the right value of their property, and who can’t judge any people’s transparency when they buy or property selling. On this platform, people will get in contact directly with anyone & can check all genuine details about any person and property.

USP Of Property Batao

  1. Multiple Income Opportunity
  2. Low Investment Projects
  3. 100%Transparency
  4. Futuristic Investment
  5. Experienced Team
  6. Get Assured Return Projects.


Property Batao Franchise Opportunity


We are also providing our real estate franchise for those people who are interested in the real estate business. Who wants to join us for being an associate of property batao We Invite all those peoples who have knowledge of property selling, property purchasing & real estate business. who can help people to get the right property from a genuine person?

Our Franchise Model

Property Batao provides an exclusive franchise opportunity in Pan India in two Models:-

  • Associates
  • Branch Franchise

Associate Franchise

  1.  Investment – 10,000 only
  2. Commission- 40% on Net Revenue (Goes Upto 60% of the revenue sharing)
  3. Territory- Can Workany Where in India
  4. No office Setup Required

 Branch Franchise

  1. Investment –  50,000 only
  2. Commission- 50% on net revenue (Goes up to 70% of revenue sharing)
  3. Goes up to 70% of revenue sharing
  4. Territory – one code one franchise

Requirement –

  1. Office space of Min 120 sq ft
  2. 1 Telesales Person
  3. 1 Sign Board at the front of the office

Benefits of Property Batao Franchise

will get passive income from the associate made by him


Franchise Partner:    Franchise Batao

  Brand Leasing  &

commercial partner:   India franchise realtors





Contact; 7065000799,  7827719099, 5953594062





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