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What is the Sanjeevani franchise?

Sanjeevani Career Guidance and Counseling Franchise is the franchise in which children, parents, are taught to every person that they should not just study and proceed.

Sanjeevani Franhise

Have to go with one aim from the beginning. Understanding everything has to go on so that the future of each child can be successful. Many people in society are responsible for the future of their children. There are many children who have a lot of pressure like family pressure, school pressure.

There is no one to guide the student to society, But there are many teachers to teach.
The child is nervous from the beginning. Parents put the tag on the children that my child has to become a doctor, he will be a teacher, if we were not achieve anything in our past then our children will do it, but it is not like that people will have to understand that the child has a different perspective.

student imageFrom the beginning, the emphasis is put on the children.

If the child is successful in getting it then it is fine, but if it is not successful, then the unannounced child gets diverted. And at the same time, career, money, Efforts, Energy are all lost.

So how to get rid of it and the work in which the child who is interested in going to the same field, will definitely touch the heights.

What does this franchise resolve?

In this franchise, not only the issues of children but also the issues that can be resolved, such as Relativity Issues, Family Disputes, Parents and Childs Relationship Issues, etc. Being a good counselor provides the solution for all these. We guide people both online and offline, what should be your channel and direction. If a person gets a channel according to his/her potential, then he can do anything in life.

Our objective is that through career counseling reached every corner of the world and the children who are sitting in the remote area, who have no one to give guidance.

Problem resolve image

The problem is that our education system never talks about potential. So we have to see what is the potential of a child.

How many types of tests are done by the children?

We do two types of tests for children

  • Psychometric test.
  • Advance DMIT(Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence tests).

If you have to do this test, Then contact us for more details.
Phone: (01)41-4001437, (91)-7073016750.

What is the motive of the Sanjeevani Career Guidance and Counseling Franchise?

The aim is that people who are sitting in remote areas, get help, get a positive attitude, positive help, etc.

It is reported in the media daily that the reason for the fight in the family is some disputes are due to which people are forced to take the wrong step, Then this franchise is here to revolve the problems.

Wherever that person gets mental support and in his/her career, the motive of ours is not only in the financial part but also in the remote area, people like housewives, unemployed, teachers, etc. they are associated with it and children in far-flung areas also Guide them.

career guidance image

How to earn by this Sanjivani franchise?

We have put a normal model for the franchise

  • Anyone can register on Economic Cost by taking the Sanjeevani franchise.
  • Will give training, will tell all models.
  • With a small space, you can start their business.
  • You can start this business in your own home.
  • There is no investment and you can start counseling.
  • 100% counseling support.
  • 100% training support.

In the beginning, we will do counseling and test, gradually when people get Trained, then we will only get the test report and the rest of the counseling will be done by our franchise.

Contact us for more details

Address: 70/33 A, Behind Kake The Hatti Restaurant, Patel Marg Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302020

Phone: (01)41-4001437, +(91)-7073016750

Email:, Whatsapp on 7827719099 or call at 7557557007 or 9667389170

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