Tao Bao

Tao Bao Food Franchise

Tao bao franchise
Tao bao franchise
tao bao food franchise

About Tao Bao

tao bao franchise

Tao Bao is a brand by SR enterprises in New Delhi Specialised in Corn Dog a korean Dish

Corndog is a sausage on a stick coated with a thick layer of cornmeal, rice meal batter & deep fried,
" CORN DOG " A world's fomous , popular, trendy korean street food.

Taobao " introducing indo - korean style hotdog in india. Taobao means cheerful, playful & bright in india. Taobao corndog strives to bring a positive & delightful experience for our guest 's after each bite!!

Most popular item of tao bao franchise are

Tandoori Corndog

Mozza Corndog

Monster Patatoe

Cheese Dodo

Classic Corndog

Tandoori Corndog

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