Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between Franchise Batao Company (“Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) and individuals or entities (“Franchisee,” “you,” or “your”) interested in operating a franchise business under the Franchise Batao. By entering into a franchise agreement with us, you agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

1. Franchise Agreement:

  • The franchise agreement outlines the rights and obligations of both parties and supersedes these Terms in case of any inconsistency.
  • Any modifications to the franchise agreement must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

2. Franchise Rights:

  • Franchisee is granted the right to operate a Franchise Batao business in the location specified in the franchise agreement.
  • This right is non-transferable without prior written consent from the Company.

3. Training and Support:

  • The franchisee shall undergo training provided by the Company to ensure operational efficiency and adherence to brand standards.
  • The Company shall provide ongoing support, including operational guidance, marketing assistance, and product updates.

4. Brand Standards:

  • The franchisee agrees to maintain the highest standards of quality, cleanliness, and customer service consistent with the Franchise Batao brand.
  • The franchisee shall use only approved suppliers for products, equipment, and materials.

5. Fees and Payments:

  • The franchisee shall pay initial franchise fees and ongoing royalties as specified in the franchise agreement.
  • Late payments may incur penalties or suspension of franchise privileges at the discretion of the Company.

6. Intellectual Property:

  • Franchisee acknowledges that all trademarks, logos, and intellectual property associated with the Franchise Batao brand are owned by the Company.
  • The franchisee is granted a limited, non-exclusive right to use such intellectual property solely for the operation of the franchise business.

7. Territory:

  • Franchisee’s territory shall be defined in the franchise agreement and may be exclusive or non-exclusive as determined by the Company.
  • Franchisee agrees not to operate or establish any Franchise Batao business outside the designated territory without prior written consent.

8. Term and Termination:

  • The franchise agreement shall remain in effect for the duration specified therein, unless terminated earlier as per the terms outlined.
  • Either party may terminate the agreement in the event of a material breach by the other party, subject to cure periods where applicable.

9. Confidentiality:

  • The franchisee agrees to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary information and trade secrets disclosed by the Company.
  • This obligation continues even after the termination of the franchise agreement.

10. Governing Law:

  • These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed following the laws of [Jurisdiction], without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

11. Miscellaneous:

  • These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the parties and supersede all prior agreements and understandings.
  • No waiver of any provision of these Terms shall be deemed a waiver of any other provision or a continuing waiver of the same provision.

By signing the franchise agreement, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these Terms & Conditions.

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