The Beauty Unisex Salon Franchise Opportunity in India


Are you passionate about beauty and looking for an exciting business opportunity?

The beauty and wellness industry in India is booming. With more people spending on personal grooming and wellness, the demand for quality salon services is growing fast. Investing in a Beauty Unisex Salon franchise is a great way to tap into this exciting market. This blog will explain why this franchise opportunity is a smart choice for aspiring entrepreneurs in India.

Why the Indian Market is Perfect for Beauty Salons

India’s beauty and wellness industry is poised for exponential growth, with the market size expected to reach INR 2,463 billion by 2024. Several factors contribute to this robust growth:

  1. Changing Lifestyles: More people are interested in grooming and wellness. Urbanization and global beauty trends are driving this demand.
  2. Rising Incomes: As people earn more, they are willing to spend on beauty services, creating a large market for salons.
  3. Young Population: India has a large number of young people who are influenced by fashion and beauty trends. This demographic is a major customer base for salons.
  4. More Working Women: As more women join the workforce, the need for professional grooming services increases, making unisex salons popular.


About The Beauty Unisex Salon

The Beauty Unisex Salon logo

Welcome to The Beauty Unisex Salon!

We have been in the beauty and wellness industry for over 8 years, with 10+ locations across multiple cities. Our salon is built on passion and dedication, offering top-notch beauty services at affordable prices.

Our Vision: We aim to create a luxurious yet affordable space where clients can discover their unique beauty.

Our Mission: We focus on providing a peaceful environment for creativity and teamwork, ensuring transparent pricing, efficient service, and excellent client support.

Your beauty and well-being are our top priorities.




Why Choose The Beauty Unisex Salon Franchise?

why choose The Beauty Unisex Salon Franchise

  1. Loyal customer base
  2. 360-degree support. All cash business
  3. Proven Expertise
  4. Wide range of high-quality products and services.
  5. Premium Service
  6. Expansive Reach
  7. Hygiene and Safety
  8.  Proven Business Model
  9.  Affordable Luxury
  10.  Strong Brand Recognition


The Beauty Unisex Salon Franchise Opportunity

Join The Beauty Unisex Salon, a well-known brand recognized across India, and take advantage of an opportunity to boost your financial strength and business sense.

The Beauty Unisex Salon is introducing a FOFO (Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated) franchise model.

There are three franchise models:-

  • BU Salon Model
  • Luxury Salon Model
  • Elite Salon Model

BU Salon Model

  • Area Req:- 300 – 500 sqft
  • Franchise fee:- 2.49 lac
  • Investment Range:- 10 – 15 lac
  • Royalty charges:- 10k or 5 % of sales
  • ROI:- 12-18 months


Luxury Salon Model

  • Area Req:- 800 – 1000 sqft
  • Franchise fee:- 3.99 lac
  • Investment Range:- 18 – 20 lac
  • Royalty charges:- 15k or 5 % of sales
  • ROI:- 18-24 months


Elite Salon Model

  • Area Req:- 1500 sqft
  • Franchise fee:- 5.99 lac
  • Investment Range:- 30 lac & above
  • Royalty charges::- 25k or 5 % of sales
  • ROI:- 24-30 months



The Beauty Unisex Salon Franchise Benefits

  1. Professional and experienced Staff
  2.  360-degree support from the brand itself.
  3.  Offering great margin on sales
  4.  Collaboration with professional brands
  5.  Higher customer base
  6.  Marketing Strategy
  7.  Digital Marketing Support
  8.  Monthly Audit


The Beauty Unisex Salon Support

  1.  Lead Management Support
  2. Upskilling & Reskilling
  3. Training Programs
  4.  Site Selection Assistance
  5.  Marketing Support
  6.  Supply Chain Management
  7.  Operational Guidance
  8.  Technology Integration
  9.  Quality Control
  10.  Financial Guidance



The Beauty Unisex Salon Outlets

  1. Nirala Aspire, Noida Extension
  2. Panchsheel Greens 2 Noida Extension
  3. Ajnara Le Mart, Noida Extension
  4. Cherry County, Noida Extension
  5. Galaxy Vega, Noida Extension
  6. Supertech Eco Village 3 Noida Extension
  7. Ace Divino Noida Extension
  8. Express Garden Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
  9. Lal Bangla Kanpur
  10. Super Shopping Centre Indira Nagar Lucknow


Success Stories

Many entrepreneurs have found success with Beauty Unisex Salon franchises. Their stories show how joining a well-known brand can lead to profitable and sustainable businesses. Whether in small towns or big cities, franchise owners have benefited from the brand’s reputation and support.





Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of The Beauty Unisex Salon’s growing family of successful franchisees. To learn more about this exciting franchise opportunity, visit Franchise Batao or contact them at 7827719099.

Transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality with  Salon franchise business – where beauty meets expectations, and business success awaits!


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