110 Mega Store Franchise Business


Now a days whole sale business is increasing very fast and that the reason why franchise Batao is supporting people and giving you a business opportunity 110 Mega Store Franchise.

About 110 Mega Store Franchise

110 Mega Store has so many of products category which is in a good quality and unbreakable. The specialty of the brands name 110 Mega Store is means that they are selling there every single products at just @110.

And its not for the retailers only its also for the normal person who want to buy a things from 110 Mega Store. And this is the amazing business opportunity for those who are leaving in Pinjore, Chandigarh.

Requirement of Franchise

  • Area- 1000- 1200sq ft.
  • Investment- 10000

Earn 3000 from 10 customer only

variety of products

  1. Clothes
  2. Home appliance
  3. Gifts(kitchen sets and fur jackets etc.)
  4. Flower pots
  5. Baskets
  6. Destine
  7. Drums
  8. Picnic basket etc.

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Company Support

  • Software support
  • Area picking help
  • Marketing Support
  • Training Support
  • Business strategy support

If you want to buy this franchise then

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