Become MBA(Multi Business Advisor) In 7 Weeks


Do you want to became your own boss? If you are interested to open your own business then you are catching franchise batao right.

Franchise Batao is providing MBA(Multi Business Advisor) that cost @21000 in just 7 week where you will do so many business.

Now you are thinking how we’ll run 7 business in one time, is this possible? yes it is because if you are not getting profit in one business then you can go for second business. And if you are not getting income in second business then you can go for third business, somewhere there will be profit.

Take every business per week and take knowledge about that one particular business, where you will get a supportive video and one WhatsApp number where you will get help.

You will cover 7 business in 7 weeks after that you got all 7 business concept now you are ready to do MBA(Multi Business Advisor).

Become MBA(Multi Business Advisor)

Now I will describe 7 business opportunities briefly:


what are thing you will learn under this:

  • Aadhaar enable payment system
  • Different types of bill payment
  • All recharges
  • Money transferring
  • Balance checking
  • New account opening

The all you will in a behalf of mudra centre: where you’ll get a retailer id panel in which you can provides all those services mentioned above.

If you want to learn this business then you can visit this link:

2.E-visiting Card

In this business opportunity you will get a franchise of e-visiting all for viral franchise where you will get 50% commission in profit

All for viral made a card at Rs 199 for a year, where you will get 50% commission in profit

“Make 100 cards per month and earn 10000” you just have to do marketing promotion rest of things will do a all for viral co.

For more info visit the website:

3.Account & taxation

4.Digital Marketing

In this business you can provides digital marketing services to people and get 20 % profit. Services in digital marketing is:

  • Facebook marketing
  • SMM
  • SEO
  • Facebook ads
  • website development etc.

For this you can visit this:

5.E-commerce Business

A person who has there own store, they have to sell there product online also. in which mudra centre is providing you a opportunity to make a online store on

Visit this for more:

6. Brand expansion

In this business opportunity you can do a brand expansion of any business through YouTube marketing, influencer etc.

In this opportunity franchise Batao is supporting you:

7. Educate Business

For doing business you have to learn so many thing, in this you can learn so many courses by the help of




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