HIGH ON TEA Franchise available in India

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HIGH ON TEA Franchise available in India

Tea industry is also one of the most growing industries over the last few years. Previously only senior members of the family used to love tea but now the younger generation has even more love for the tea.

The youth are in constant search for new variety and flavours of tea. For this particular reason many brands are coming up which are providing varieties of tea.

Out of such brand one is “High on Tea”, they started their venture in Mumbai, Maharashtra and they are serving 40+ varieties of tea. Their sole purpose was to serve the people with lots of variety of tea.

The objective of High on Tea was to serve the customers with quality and variety of flavours of tea in a cozy and comfortable environment.

This way customer can enjoy their drinks a lot more along with some snacks.

Why should you start HIGH ON TEA Franchise?

Tea is one of the most loved drinks in Indian family. Almost 80% of the family consumes tea in the country. Most of the family consumes at least twice in a day. India is one of the largest exporters of tea in the world.

High on Tea franchise

The tea is prepared with fresh leaves and spices and it is handmade to give best flavours. It also gives you the option of customising your tea according to your preference.

So if you are looking for a business opportunity or you want to start a new business then you can start with High on Tea. It is one of the best options in low investment.

As tea is one of the most consumable good you can rely upon starting this business. So you can start your business by taking up this franchise of High on Tea.

Benefits of high on tea

  • Low investment
  • High customer base
  • Easy to achieve break even


  • Area: 500 sqft
  • Investment: 17-18 lac
  • Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra


For franchise opportunity

Call @ 7827719099

Mail: franchisebatao@gmail.com

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