Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise: Footwear Franchise Opportunity


If you’re looking for a promising franchise opportunity that can help you establish a successful business, then Action Shoes’ Exclusive Showroom Franchise is an ideal choice.

This franchise will enable you to open your own store and become one of the leading shoe retailers in the country. You’ll be able to showcase an exclusive range of footwear from the popular Action Shoes brand, including casuals, sports, branded, and formal shoes. This unique combination of product offerings available at your store will help you attract more customers and drive more sales.

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About Action Shoes

Action Shoes is a leading footwear retailer in the world, offering top-quality products at competitive prices. For over four decades, Action Shoes has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of shoes for men and women, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. From urban styles to outdoor-ready designs, their extensive selection of shoes has been popular with customers from all walks of life. With more than 500 stores around the world and numerous franchises throughout India, Action Shoes is a well-known and respected brand that can provide you with stylish yet durable footwear that is perfect for your lifestyle.

What Makes the Action Shoes Franchise Opportunity Unique?

action franchise opportunity

The Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise (AESF) offers a unique opportunity to own and operate your own footwear franchise. With over 100 brands and styles, you’ll have the pick of the best quality shoes in the market – available only at AESF.

Here’s what makes this franchise stand out from the rest:

  • Choose from the largest selection of quality footwear in the industry, ranging from everyday casual shoes to sports-specific shoes for all occasions.
  • Source direct from leading global brands, giving customers access to exclusive and hard-to-find models.
  • Get access to an in-depth product training program that educates Franchisees on all aspects of running a successful business.
  • Receive assistance at every step, from pre-launch planning to post-launch support.
  • Be part of a powerful network of established franchises with decades of success stories behind them.

Action Shoes Franchise Opportunity

Looking to start a business in the footwear retail space? Look no further than the Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise. With Action Shoes, you get the opportunity to become part of a successful and well-known brand with a unique business model that leverages both online and offline channels. It offers retailers the chance to sell high-quality, trendy shoes and accessories at value prices. From kids’ sandals to running shoes and luxury leather sandals and boots, the range of footwear stocked by Action Shoes is extensive.

  • Eligibility

Anyone who applies for the showroom in a city or town where the company considers it necessary to appoint, can be granted the facility of a showroom subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • Inventory

That the 2nd party will have the minimum stock of our goods of 10 – 12 lacs at each point in time.

  • Payment terms

    A. Payment terms are strictly cash for all initial and subsequent transactions.
    B. 4% cash discount would be given to the party if payment is received within one week from the date of invoice.
    C. 3% cash discount would be given to the party if payment is received within 15 days from the date of invoice.

  • Security

Rs. 1 Lac security deposit by way of A/c payee DD/Cheque in favours of action footwears (P) Ltd. should be paid which shall bear interest at the prevailing rate as decided by the management of action footwears (P) Ltd. from time to time.

  • Price

A. Price will be charged as ruling at the time of dispatch.
B. These prices are based on ex. factory basis + GST.
C. Average margin as agreed.

  • Claim

  • Glow Sign Board

    Glow sign board and other advertisement material will be supplied to the showroom at the cost of the company.

  • Incentive {Incentive percentage depending on growth}

A.  15 – 25 Lacs = 1%, 1.5%, 2%
B. 25 – 35 Lacs = 1%, 1.5%, 2%
C. Above 35 Lacs = 2%


Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise Support

Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise provides extensive training and ongoing support for prospective and existing franchisees, including:

  • An orientation program to ensure new franchisees have a complete understanding of the Action Shoe product lineup and the Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise platform
  • A comprehensive in-person training program delivered at the corporate office, covering topics such as basic business operations, merchandising, store operations and customer service
  • A 24/7 helpline for any queries that arise after completion of the in-person training
  • Business advice from industry experts to help make informed decisions about running a successful footwear franchise
  • Access to digital tools such as sales reporting and inventory management software

These services are designed to give franchise owners the best possible chance of success with this low-cost opportunity. With Action Shoes’ strong brand recognition and commitment to customer service excellence, you can rest assured that your business will be in safe hands.

Benefits Of Owning An Action Shoes Franchise

Action provides its franchisees with everything they need to get started, including:

  • Exclusive rights to use their trademarks and logos
  • Access to their quality-assured products
  • Comprehensive training on how to run their business
  • Ongoing support from the franchisor team
  • Technical assistance for setting up the store
  • Point of sale systems for efficient operations

These benefits make the Action Exclusive Showroom Franchise an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative investment opportunity with low overhead costs. Furthermore, you will have access to Action Shoes’ high-quality product line at competitive prices, allowing you to maximize your profits and deliver exceptional value to your customers.


In conclusion, Action Shoes Franchise is a great opportunity for those interested in owning their own business or expanding an existing business. With low startup costs and no required experience, the opportunities are endless with this franchise. Plus, the national advertising campaign helps to bring plenty of exposure to the brand name and provides customers from all over the country with easy access to your shoes. So why not take advantage of this amazing opportunity and start your very own Action Shoes Franchise today!


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