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Are you looking for a profitable business in the footwear industry? Look no further than Shoe Factory Franchise is a leading footwear franchise in India. With its attractive commission structure, strong brand value, and comprehensive support system. Shoe Factory offers a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this blog, we will share all the details about Shoe Factory Franchise, including its investment requirements, commission structure, support services, infrastructure needs, and more. Let’s explore the world of Shoe Factory Business and explore why it is the best choice for those seeking a successful footwear franchise.

Start footwear franchise business in india

Overview of  Shoe Factory

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Shoe Factory is a well-established footwear business that specializes in offering a wide range of trendy and fashionable shoes for men and women. The brand was founded in 2020 by Mr. Rajesh Motiyani, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for footwear. Since its inception, Shoe Factory has gained a strong foothold in the fashion industry and has quickly expanded its presence across India. With its partnership-based organizational structure, Shoe Factory has successfully established 20+ franchise outlets, and it continues to grow rapidly.

Shoe Factory Products Offered

Shoe factory offers a wide variety of footwear and accessories. It can certainly attract a large scale of customers. Here’s a breakdown of the products you mentioned:

  • Men’s Footwear
  • Women’s Footwear
  • Handbags
  • Women’s Accessories

Shoe Factory Franchise Opportunity

Shoe Factory Franchise Investment & Fees

To become a part of the Shoe Factory family, aspiring franchisees should be prepared to make a reasonable investment.

  • Shop Area: 400-500 Sq. Ft.
  • Franchise Fee: Rs.1.5 Lakh – Rs.2 Lakh
  • Infrastructure Investment: Rs.2.5 Lakh – Rs.3 Lakhs
  • Initial Stocks: Rs.8 Lakh – Rs.10 Lakhs
  • Commission: Approx. 90%
  • ROI: 8-10 Months

Total Investment is Rs.12 Lakh – Rs.15 Lakh. These investment requirements ensure that franchisees have the necessary resources to set up a successful Shoe Factory outlet.

Shoe Factory Franchise Commission / Revenue Sharing

  • As a franchisee, you can enjoy a commission rate of approximately 90% on your sales. This means that for every pair of shoes you sell, you can earn a substantial profit.
  • Shoe Factory Franchisee also offers a royalty of approximately 10% to the brand, ensuring a fair distribution of profits.

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Shoe Factory Infrastructure Requirement

To ensure the success of your Shoe Factory outlet, it is essential to meet the brand’s infrastructure requirements.

  1. Employee Headcount: 2 to 3
  2. Computer / Internet Connectivity
  3. Billing Counter
  4. Product Display Area
  5. Trial Room
  6. Airconditioner
  7. CCTV Set-up

Shoe Factory Footwear – Revenue per Customer

  • Product Price: Rs.100 – Rs.5,000
  • GST Rate: 18%

Shoe Factory Support

When you join the Shoe Factory family, you can expect comprehensive support from the brand. This support begins with inventory planning, ensuring that your store is well-stocked with the latest footwear trends.

  1. Provides assistance with product pricing, helping you set competitive prices to attract customers.
  2. Marketing support
  3. Training Programs

Start footwear franchise business in india

Join the Shoe Factory Franchise Today!

If you are passionate about the footwear industry and eager to embark on an exciting entrepreneurial journey, This Footwear Franchise is the perfect opportunity for you. With its low investment requirements, profitable commission structure, comprehensive support services, and strong brand presence, This footwear Franchise offers a solid foundation for success. Join the Shoe Factory family today and become a part of the footwear franchise in India.

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