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Are you ready to embark on the exciting entrepreneurial journey of the best saree business? Look no further than Ajmera Fashion Franchise! With a strong brand name, a wide range of clothing options, low investment, and high returns, this franchise opportunity is a winning choice. Join the Ajmera Trends family and become a proud owner of a successful clothing franchise.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of the Ajmera Fashion Franchise, the process of becoming a franchise owner, and the booming market for fashion franchises in India. So, let’s explore how you can unlock your path to success with Ajmera Fashion Franchise!

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About Ajmera Fashion: A Legacy of Excellence

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Ajmera Fashion a prominent manufacturer of sarees in Surat, has established itself as a leader in the textile industry with over 35 years of legacy. With exports to 30+ countries worldwide, Ajmera Fashion has gained recognition for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Ajmera Fashions started in 1992 and has now become a large fashion industry. Ajmera fashion headquarter is located in Surat, Gujarat. They are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction and are a multifaceted organization. Ajmera Fashions manufactures a wide variety of garments, in different styles, under three main categories which include

  • Sarees (fancy printed saree, printed regular wear saree, latest designer party wear saree),
  • Kurtis (fancy cotton kurti, fancy kurti Pallazo),
  • Lehengas with a total capacity reaching 10, 00,000 pieces per month.

As a franchise owner, you will have the advantage of a strong brand name and a wide range of clothing options for women, men, and kids. With over 1000 products to choose from, you can cater to the diverse fashion needs of your customers.

The Ajmera Retail Advantage

  1. Well-known brand (30 years old brand)
  2. Trusted by more than 80,000 retailers, traders and wholesalers
  3. Exports to over 30+ countries
  4. Quality + quantity at low cost
  5. Winner of every major award in the textile industry

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The Scope of Ajmera Fashion Franchise

The fashion industry in India is succeeding, and owning a clothing franchise can be a profitable opportunity. Ajmera Fashion Franchise offers a successful business model with high demand and profit margins. As a franchise owner, you will have access to the entire ecosystem of Ajmera Fashion, including training and support. With advanced technology, marketing collaterals, and customer support, you can confidently establish and grow your franchise business.

Ajmera Fashion Franchise Opportunities in India

The Indian fashion industry is witnessing incredible growth, presenting a wealth of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. With a large population and a growing middle class, the demand for fashionable clothing is on the rise. By owning a fashion franchise, you can tap into this market and cater to the evolving fashion needs of Indian consumers. Ajmera Fashion is one of the best saree business opportunities to open in India.

Ajmera Fashion provides three franchise models (Model A, Model B & Model C). Now they have only one franchise outlet but have no. of retailers and distributors.

Ajmera Fashion Franchise Model A

  • Area:- 250 – 300 sqft
  • Franchise Fee:- 1.5 Lakh
  • Investment:- 12lakh
  • Profit Margin:- 50%
  • Royalty:- No royalty

Ajmera Fashion Franchise Model B

  • Area:- 600 – 800 sqft
  • Investment:- 25 lakh
  • Profit Margin:- 50%
  • Royalty:- No royalty

Ajmera Fashion Franchise Model C

  • Area:- 900 – 1200 sqft
  • Investment:- 55 lakh
  • Profit Margin:- 50%
  • Royalty:- No royalty

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The Support and Training You Can Expect

  1. Wide Range of Latest Fashion Range
  2. Interior
  3. Store maintain
  4. Inventory maintains
  5. Training and support from the franchise team.
  6. Digital Marketing Support
  7. Marketing Collaterals

The franchise team will be there to assist you at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Franchise Expansion and Marketing

Ajmera Fashion Franchise is continuously expanding its presence in new locations, offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to be a part of this growth. With a strong brand name and a proven business model, Ajmera Fashion Franchise provides franchise owners with the tools and support needed to succeed. The franchise team will assist you with marketing strategies and provide you with the necessary resources to promote your franchise.

Conclusion: Your Path to Success with Ajmera Retail

In conclusion, the Ajmera Fashion Franchise offers a profitable saree business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. With a strong brand name, a wide range of clothing options, and low investment requirements, you can unlock your path to success as a franchise owner.

So, seize this opportunity, contact the franchise team at 7827719099, and start your saree business journey with Ajmera Fashion Franchise today!


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