Aryadhenu jaggery Franchise Business in india


Franchise batao always tries to help people by providing the best franchise but today guess what?? franchise batao has brought up with a new franchise called Aryadhenu jaggery Franchise.

Now we’ll know in brief that what is the franchise concepts, how we can apply and grab this wonderful franchise. So without ay wasting time let’s get started.

About Aryadhenu

ARYADHENU MISHTHANSHALA is a Proprietorship Firm. Head Office & Manufacturing Unit is at Village Balawas, PO Nalwa, Dist- Hisar, Haryana, 125037. Our Marketing & Sales Office is at Noida, Dist- Gautam Buddh Nagar, U.P. For the Last Five Years, Our Product ARYADHENU DESI KHAND & GUR is famous in Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi.

We also sell our product online (Amazon, Food Soul, Snapdeal & our portal ( Till now we have sold 5LAKH KG Of Aryadhenu Desi Khand – Gur. We have 120 Distributors.

The business model of the Aryadhenu jaggery Franchise

Aryadekhu is a company that makes its products with too much purity and cleanliness. Aryadhenu is an Institution that is into delivering Natural, Healthy, and Chemical Free Products. We invest wholeheartedly in utilizing totally regular items and give India its tradition of utilizing Natural Products.

We invest wholeheartedly in its joint effort with ranchers who have acquired a pool of ability from their families. Alongside these ranchers and our agronomists, we then, at that point put insight and training to some splendid use.

We accept that our consistency in the best industry rehearses. What’s more, love for normal sugars is the thing that keeps on being the best for you.

Apply for the franchise: Ayurveda Health & Wellness Franchise | Sri Sri Tattva

Product Quality

  • Aryadhenu has faith in quality items. Their item is A-one quality on the grounds that our crude material (RAW KHAND, INDIAN A2 COW MILK, and GHEE) is of awesome quality. We don’t think twice about quality.
  • ARYADHENU DESI KHAND and GUR are getting ready utilizing TRADITIONAL METHOD.
  • The hurtful compound like Sulfur and SACCHARINE isn’t blended in it
  • A researcher from everywhere over the world has demonstrated that sugar is a sweet toxin that makes heftiness and
  • Coronary illness in our body. In the wake of realizing this all, we can’t dispose of sugar and spent
  • They can keep up with this best nature of DESI KHAND and GUR due to this milk and ghee.
  • During a period of assembling, They eliminate squander from Indian Cow Milk.
  • In the wake of eliminating waste, we channel that hot fluid Khand with a tiny steel sifter, so that any kind of residue molecule can be taken out from Khand.
  • Then, at that point, we again bubble it to dissipate water from it and spin with Desi Cow ghee.
  • Presently light brown, unadulterated, nutritious, and delicious Desi Khand is prepared for you.
  • They additionally utilize Indian cow milk and ghee during the time spent making Desi Gur.
  • Aryadhenu Desi-Gur is to some degree hard in nature on the grounds that in this cycle all water is eliminated from the syrup so its taste and quality can remain for quite a while.

Profit Margin

(A profit margin of the franchise up to 15 to 20% on sales + there will be multiple schemes of incentive in every month)

WhatsApp us without hesitation by clicking this link.

Who can start this Aryadhenu jaggery Franchise?

  1. Existing FMCG distributors marketing executive freshers
  2. If you want to start your business from scratch then you can start by investing less investment

Whosoever, want to become a distributor of the Aryadhenu jaggery Franchise then read the product’s packaging mentioned below:


  • Each item have 5 kinds of bundling at ARYADHENU DESI KHAND and GUR like 1KG,
  • 900gms, 500gms, 250gms, and 5gms.
  • Pretty much Every client purchases a little pack. For the underlying few days, the client purchases a little pack,
  • later on, they begin requesting large packs.
  • 1KG, 900gms, 500gms, 250gms, and 5gms, these 5 kinds of bundling are accessible in 10 KG of BOX.
  • 5gms of ARYADHENU DESI KHAND and GUR is accommodated Tasting and furthermore for cafés and Cafeteria.
  • 900Gms is just utilized for Online Purposes at Amazon, Snapdeal, Food Soul ETC.

Requirements for distributers

  1. GST Number
  2. Investment of 2 to 3 Lacs
  3. Placement of products

Company Support

  • Marketing Support
  • Digital Marketing
  • Pamphlet And Stickers
  • Incentive & Offers
  • Hoarding & Social media

How to apply for this franchise:

  1. Call for the Aryadhenu Franchise : Phone: +91 94678 43826 , +91 9053347826
  2. Email Id:
  3. Apply online: Form

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