Tao Bao Franchise In India


Franchise batao has brought up a unique franchise business opportunity called Tao Bao Franchise, I think franchise batao is the first business consultancy that has started this new brand franchise in India.

And one of the biggest reasons that why franchise batao did a collaboration with tao bao is the taste of the items that tao bao sells. so I am going to describe everything in detail just stay tuned with the continuous blog.

About Tao Bao

Tao bao was started in 2019 in India. The owner’s name is Anshul Dixit,  and the head office of tao bao is in Dilshan garden. The firm name is SR enterprises.
Taobao Corn Dog is an eatery situated on a bustling corner site in Noida With coated. A corndog is a wiener on a stick covered with a thick layer of cornmeal, rice dinner hitter, and pan-fried,” CORN DOG ” A world’s well-known, mainstream, popular Korean road food.

Tao bao ” bringing into – Korean style hotdog in India. Taobao implies merry, fun-loving, and splendidness in India. Taobao corndog endeavors to bring a positive and brilliant experience for our visitors after each chomp!

About the Tao Bao Franchise model

It is a company that started their business in Korean style means they serve Korean food called corn dogs, and corn dogs are available in two variants:

  • Firstly is vegetarian (in vegetarian it will be available in different flavors – cheese, potato, and pizza, etc.)
  • Secondly one is non-vegetarian (in non-vegetarian it will be also in different flavors.)

And you won’t believe it but the cost of the items are also very cheap, they sell their dishes a minimum- 60Rs.

They provide their franchise opportunity in three models:

Model 1: The first one is if you are running a multi-brand restaurant and you are the owner of any food coat then you can create an exclusive corner where you can serve the tao bao’s dishes in a very small space like 6×6 and 5×5 etc.

Model 2: The second model is if you don’t want to open a shop or restaurant then you can start this business from your home or with your own space as a cloud kitchen business. They also tied you up with a Swiggy and Zomato.

The franchise fee in cloud kitchen will be 50000(only for a limited time) and normally it will be 1 lac or above.

Apply now by clicking this online form

The basic requirement for this option:

  • GST number
  • Id cards
  • Address Proof

Model 3: the last one is to take away the business model, in this model you need space(shop) with 100, 200, and 300 et sq. where you can start a franchise of tao bao.

The franchise fee for this model is only rs 50000 + lacs of rupees in interior + 10000 rs in utensils.


The investment will be 2 lacs to 3 lacs

Whatsapp without any hesitation by clicking this link

Profit Margin

100% profit will be yours, the company will not take any charges from you.


No royalty will be there, the company is not charging any royalty with you.

Company support

  1. Training support
  2. Marketing support
  3. Awareness support
  4. Tied you up with online aggregators
  5. Tied you up with the digital marketing companies

How to apply for Tao Bao Franchise:

  • Call at: 7827719099 or 7557557007
  • Gmail at: franchisebato@gmail.com
  • Apply online by this form
  • Whatapp us 

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