Best 5 HealthCare Franchise Ideas in India

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Everyone is very careful about their health and health conscious. So, that’s by people prefer ayurvedic products because they are harm your skin or body. Most of the business men start looking for the occupation in ayurvedic products because they are proven very profitable model.

So, I discussed below for you best five health care franchise options.

Profitable Best 5 Health Care Franchise Ideas in India are:

Baidyanath Asli Ayurved

It is established in 1917. Hence, Baidyanath complete 100 happy years of 100% best quality ayurvedic products. The company provides products like Baidyanath chywanprash, madhumehari, shankapushpi etc. Further, It has more than 10 lakh retail outlets. Baidyanath is the India’s most trusted and world’s largest manufacturer of ayurvedic products. So, It deals with health care, personal care, and hair & beauty care products.

baidyanath healthcare franchise in India


Area required: 240 sq. ft.

Total investment: Rs. 36 – Rs. 37 lakh

Agreement terms: 5 Years

Average payback: 2-2.5 year

It deals with more than 700 ayurvedic products with 10000+ distributors in India.  Ayurved is presented in more than 16 countries all over the world. It also has 50 patents medicine. Yearly its turnover goes  more than 1.2 billion.

Vasudeva Vilasam

Vasudeva Vilasam  is caring people since 1884. It deals with services like manufacturing, nursing home, wellness center, spa consulting etc. Through a team of renowned doctors and professionals, Vasudeva Vilasam is pursuing their mission to make available the benefits of Ayurveda to the masses. Hence, It provide services like Pizhichil, Kizhi, Dhara and Therapies and massages, Navarakizhi, Kizhi, Karnapoornam any many more.

vasudeva vilasam franchise


Area : 1000 sq. ft.

Investment : 27 – 31 lacs

Expansion : Pan India

It is well known brand. Vasudeva Vilasam provide its services in all over the world. Panchakarma, Skin Care, and Psoriasis are its treatments.

Bodybuilding India

Bodybuilding India is a well-known brand name in bodybuilding and fitness supplementary store. There are many supplements company in India but Body Building India Supplement store is one of the renowned products launched by the Actor Randeep Hudda.  Hence, BodyBuilding India start its operations or trading through an online portal.

Franchise Facts:

Investment: Rs. 15 -20 lakh

Area: 250 sq. ft.

Expansion: All Over India

Pay back: 1-2 year


this is best franchise option in health and care sector because it gives high return at low investment, quick payback period, wide range of nutrition supplements and fitness products, 100% safe and original products. they provide full support and help to set-up business. Also make available training program to the staff.


Wellbeeing is multi specialty clinic and halth center service provider. they are fulfilling their goal through  Consistent quality services, identify your need,  Customer satisfaction, and Provide an experience and create aspiration in Every customer.  So, they provide Integrative Medicine, Speciality Consultation, Treatments and Therapy, and Diabetes Reversal Program(DRP).

wellbeeing franchise

Franchise requirements:

Area : 4000 – 6000 sq. ft.

Investment : 1.5 – 3 Cr.

Expansion : All over India

Hence, the team of wellbeeing want to create a global brand  in health & wellness in every household that impacting mind, body and spirit of an individual, family and community at large.

Zymka Family Fitness Club

It is India’s 1st fitness club which offer family fitness classes.  If you join jymka then they provide energetic environment to attract people for joining. Jymka helps you to designed interiors with fun and friendly environment. Full help and support of guidance, stationery, and marketing also present for the franchisees.

Franchise requirements:

Investment:  5 Cr. and above

Area: 2000 sq. ft to 2500 sq. ft.

Hence, With Jymka you have multiple earning options like fitness club, kids fun active camps, kids birthday party, healthy snack shop, tie-up with schools etc. A comprehensive training program like management and instructor, also make available to you and your staff. Provide opportunity to promote your club at Jymka official website.

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