We all know, we Indian how much love food, especially fast food and the sight of which makes one’s mouth water. After the lockdown the craze for fast food has increased than before and people want to start businesses in this field also but they are confused about startups in this field. They are also planning to start fast food franchise in India.

Now if you are planning to start the journey in the fast food business & want to grow your business in this field so  FRANCHISING OF FAST FOOD welcomes you. You can make your own path from  small shops to big restaurants with a single step with



Here Is The Best Fast Food Franchise In India That Welcomes You


Nagpal‘s Chole Bhature was founded in the early 90s and is still serving all the foodies with the best authentic taste across Delhi NCR. Nagpal Chole Bhature franchise offers the finest street food experience in PAN India. Contact us and share the joy of serving mouthwatering and tasty made chole bhature to fast food lovers.

nagpal chole bhature junk food franchise

   Requirement for the Nagpal Chole Bhature Fast Food franchise

  • Area:- 250-300sq.ft
  • Investment- 11 to 15 lacs
  • Royalty – 5%

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Zoop Cafe Food is quite popular and successful in India because they bring in a noteworthy amount of money. The Zoop Cafe franchise business is only available for those who want to launch a food business in their own area with low investment and high returns.

Be a part of fast growing zoop cafe fast food franchise in India

   Requirement for franchise

  • Area:- 150-200sq.ft
  • Investment- 1,75,000

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JB Kachori Wala (Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala),  known for its spicy kachoris, Manufactured the khasta kachori Idea in Delhi in 1971. crispy, flavorful delights of the JB Kachori Wala franchise. Connect with us in spreading the freshly fried kachoris,  with a variety of amazing fillings. let’s start your business journey with the JB Kachori Wala franchise.

Be a part of fast growing JB Kachori wala takeway food franchise

   Requirement for franchise

  • Area:- 150-250 sq feet
  • Investment- 3 lakhs


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If you want to own a Jumboking Burger franchise so your opportunity is here. After spending fabulous five years of success in  Bombay,  now Jumboking spreading its stores in other cities. Jumboking is an easy food business nowadays.

Be a part of fast growing Jumboking fast food franchise in india

        Requirement for franchise

  • Area:- 200 – 250 sq feet
  • Investment- 20 lakhs

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Fast food franchises are a significant way to start a business. You will get all your need in business with Grand Bistro fast food franchise. Grand Bistro is the best fast food business.

Be a part of fast growing Grand Bistro fast food restaurant franchise

        Requirement for franchise

  • Area-150-250 sq feet
  • Investment- 8 lakhs

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Are you looking for fast food franchise, especially in the burger market? Join the Burger Singh franchise and create fast food franchise business. There are mouthwatering, tasty, and innovative burgers. Experience of owning a successful Burger Singh franchise and provide so delicious burger everywhere.

        Requirement for the franchise

  • Area:- 300 sq feet + storage space
  • Investment- 5 lakhs + taxes
  • Royalty -8 %

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If you are planning fast food franchise in India,  you can start a small franchise with one bite food franchise. where you can serve  Burgers, fries, pizza, wraps, mocktails, and many other items, One bite is an affordable fast-food business for everyone who wants to spread the love with amazing items


        Requirement for the franchise

  • Area-120 – 200 sq feet
  • Investment- 8 lakhs

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when people love to eat sweets then they remember chocolates. People love eating chocolates especially when they eat spicy food. if there is a chance to start food franchise business. so the chocolate room welcomes you. you can establish a food business easily in the  chocolate rooms

        Requirement for the franchise

  • Area-300-400sq feet
  • Investment- 15 – 20 lakhs
  • Royalty -8%

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Momo Food is the most eaten food in India, It has a spreading franchise everywhere in India. Ono Momo has created a unique way in the fast food franchise business. you can start also food business in ono momo.

        Requirement for the  Ono Momos Franchise

  • Area-100-150 sq feet
  • Investment- 2 lakhs
  • Royalty –5%

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As a franchise food business, Food Dudes offers the opportunity to own a food restaurant franchise business With the Food Dudes brand.

        Requirement for the franchise

  • Area-150 sq feet
  • Investment- 1.5 lakhs
  • Royalty – 4%

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Conclusion of Fast Food Franchise Business



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