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Tea is one of the most popular beverages in India. It is consumed by people of all ages and genders. The tea industry in India is fast growing and is expected to reach Rs. 30,000 crore by 2021. With the increasing demand for tea, many entrepreneurs are investing in tea franchise businesses. In this article, we will explore the best tea franchise in India.

Growing Demand for Tea Franchise in India

India, known for its love of tea, presents a vast market for tea franchises. Tea is an integral part of everyday life for millions of Indians, with “chai-pe-charcha” (tea-time discussions) being a cultural phenomenon. This deep-rooted appreciation for tea has led to the rise of several chai franchises across the country, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of tea enthusiasts.

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Benefits of Opening a Chai Franchise in India

Opening a chai franchise offers several advantages compared to other business models.

  • It allows entrepreneurs to get started quickly without having to worry about developing their own products or services from scratch.
  • Provides access to existing customer networks, brand recognition and established supply chains.
  • Easier for entrepreneurs to access customers as well as suppliers and distributors who already have experience serving this market segment.
  • Maximize their success potential.

Types of Chai Franchises Available in India

There are several types of chai available for franchising in India including Masala Tea, Assam Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Teas, Fruit Teas and many others. Each type has its own unique flavour profile, health benefits and customer segments.

Most Popular Tea Franchise in India

Salgar Amrutatulya Franchise

Salgar Amrutatulya is one of the most popular chai franchise in Maharashtra. The brand has expanded rapidly, with over 6 outlets in four countries. Salgar Amrutatulya wants to expand their own brand in PAN India.

Requirement for the Chai Sutta Bar franchise

Be a part of fast growing salgar ammrutlya franchise

  • Area:- 200- 150 sqft
  • Investment- 8 lac
  • Royalty – 1000 rs.



Chai Sutta Bar Franchise

Spreading Kulhad Love Across India. One of the most successful and popular chai franchises in India is Chai Sutta Bar. Founded in 2016 by Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak, Chai Sutta Bar has quickly gained a loyal customer base with its unique offering of chai served in traditional kulhads (earthen cups). The brand has expanded rapidly, with over 135 outlets in four countries. Chai Sutta Bar sells an astounding three lakh cups of tea daily, making it a highly profitable franchise opportunity.

Requirement for the Chai Sutta Bar franchise

Be a part of fast growing chai sutta bar franchise

  • Area:- 80- 2000 sqft
  • Investment- 16 to 18 lacs
  • Royalty – Low Fees

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Chai Thela Franchise

For those looking for a sip of some authentic Indian tea, Chai Thela is the perfect franchise to get started. Born in 2014, this tea franchise has expanded its reach to serve the best chai across India. Boasting an extensive menu of hot and cold beverages with a focus on classic Indian flavors, this franchise is sure to satisfy. With over 500 outlets across India, it has become one of the most popular tea franchises in the country.

Requirement for the Chai Thela franchise

Be a part of fast growing chai thela franchise

  • Area:- 150- 250 sqft
  • Investment- 16 to 18 lacs
  • Royalty – There will be no royalty on your sales


Sukh Chai Franchise

Sukh Chai is yet another popular chai franchise in India. This chain specializes in aromatic North Indian-style teas that are brewed from fresh herbs and spices for maximum flavor and aroma. Their signature Kashmiri kahwa tea combines green cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and Kashmiri almonds for a deliciously unique taste that no other chain can match.

Requirement for the Sukh Chai franchise

Be a part of fast growing sukh chai franchise

  • Area:- 125 to 200 Sqft
  • Investment- 10 lacs
  • Royalty – 5%

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Chai Nagri Franchise

For an exotic twist on traditional flavors then Chai Nagri should be your go-to option! Serving up fusion teas such as cold brews blended with exotic ingredients like mango pulp or guava juice this Delhi-based chain will surely ignite your taste buds! What’s more? Guests can also avail some delightful snacks like samosas & shammis tikkis while sipping on their favorite brews!

Requirement for the Chai Sutta Bar franchise

Be a part of fast growing chai nagri franchise

  • Area:- 100-180 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment- 7-8 Lacs
  • Royalty – 2% of Sales

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Patil Amruttulya

Patil Amruttulya has earned fame due to its “Lonavla Special” which comprises lusciously creamy milk combined with crunchy biscuit bits giving it a sweet aftertaste that lingers long after you finish off your cup! You can also relish some special sugar-free drinks & classic cardamom-infused Masala chai here too if you’d prefer something lighter.

Requirement for the Patil Amruttulya franchise

Be a part of fast growing patil ammrutlya franchise

  • Area:- 250 – 300 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment- 5.5 Lakh +  3 lakh Franchise Fee

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MBA Chai Wala Franchise

The owner of MBA Chai Wala, is an inspirational figure for aspiring entrepreneurs. He dropped out of his MBA program to pursue his passion for tea. Today, MBA Chai Wala has more than 100 locations across multiple states in India. The franchise offers a variety of flavoured chai, including regular chai, chocolate chai, elaichi chai, masala chai, and tulsi chai.

Requirement for the MBA Chai Wala franchise

  • Area:- 150 Sq.Ft
  • Investment:- 15 Lakhs
  • Royalty:- 4%

Tea House Franchise

Tea House was established by Kodudula Naveen Reddy in 2021. This is one of the largest tea franchise chains globally and a top contender in India. Tea House offers a wide range of beverages, including coffee, shakes, and coolers. This brand aims to expand its operations across various cities in India, providing tea connoisseurs with a unique tea-drinking experience.

Requirement for the Tea House franchise

  • Area:- 100 – 200 Sq.ft
  • Investment:- 2 to 5 Lac
  • Royalty:- 1%

Chai Garam Franchise

Chai Garam aims to enhance the productivity of office-goers and corporate professionals by providing them with the perfect cup of hot tea. Chai Garam is expanding its reach across India. The brand believes that a well-brewed cup of tea can boost energy and elevate the office experience for employees.

Requirement for the Chai Garam franchise

  • Area:- 60-400 sq ft
  • Investment:- 10-20 lac

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Chaayos Franchise

Chaayos was founded with the vision of creating a unique tea experience for Indian consumers. This brand has revolutionized the way tea is served. They offer customized teas, allowing customers to choose from a wide selection of ingredients and flavors. Chaayos ensures that each cup of tea is made to perfection. The franchise aims to expand its reach and cater to tea loversacross India.

Requirement for the Chaayos franchise

  • Area:- 200-400 Sq.ft
  • Investment-  6 to Rs. 11 lakhs
  • Royalty – 5%

Graduate Chaiwali Franchise

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs. Priyanka Gupta, the mastermind behind Graduate Chaiwali, is an inspiring example of a successful woman entrepreneur. With an initial investment of just 30,000 rupees, she started her tea cart and now serves over 15,000 cups of tea per day. Graduate Chaiwali aims to become a national-level entity and empower more women to venture into the tea franchise industry.

Requirement for the Graduate Chaiwali franchise

  • Area:- 60-400 sq ft
  • Investment- 8  to 10 lacs

Roka Café Franchise

For those looking for the best chai franchise in India, Roka Café is a great option. Founded in 2019, Roka Café started as a small tea house in Bangalore and has since grown into one of the most successful tea franchises in India. Roka Café has an excellent selection of delicious drinks, but they also offer great customer service. Overall, opening a chai franchise with Roka Café is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to get into the booming tea business in India without investing too much money upfront or spending too much time learning how to run their own store successfully.

Requirement for the Roka Cafe franchise

  • Area:- 300-450 Sq. Ft
  • Investment- 8  to 10 lacs
  • Royalty – 2% on sales

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Chai Shai Bar

Chai Shai Bar has quickly gained popularity due to its chic interiors & colourful signature drinks such as Saffron Ginger Tonic & Rose Milk Shake making it perfect for those wanting something different than regular cups of hot Masala chai! They even provide delicious snacks like Maggi Bhajjis & Medu Vadas which go perfectly alongside their beverages.

Requirement for the Chai Shai Bar franchise

  • Area:- 200 to 250 Sqft.
  • Investment- 12 to 15 lacs

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Conclusion: The Potential of the Tea Franchise Industry

The tea franchise industry in India offers immense potential for entrepreneurs looking to enter the F&B market. With a diverse range of options, from traditional chai stalls to modern tea cafes, there is something for every tea lover. By investing in a tea franchise, you can tap into the growing demand for tea and provide a delightful tea-drinking experience to customers across India.

Remember, each franchise has its own unique features, investment requirements, and growth potential. It is essential to thoroughly research and evaluate each opportunity before making a decision.

Start your journey in the tea franchise industry today and join the ranks of successful chai entrepreneurs in India!

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