Delhi Govt Appreciated Business Coach in the Business Blasters Programme!


The Business Blasters Programme Expo was organized by the Delhi Government. This is a significant milestone in the progress of the India country. This program is aimed at students in classes 11 and 12 only. This program focuses on developing an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth. By encouraging students to become job creators rather than job seekers.

In this article, we will explore the Business Blasters Programme and the role of Mr. Ashish Aggarwal (the founder of Franchise Batao) as a business coach in this transformative program.

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The Business Blasters Programme: A Platform for Entrepreneurship

The Business Blaster Program is the world’s largest startup program for school students. It forms part of the Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum implemented in all Delhi Government schools. Through this program, students will work in teams to brainstorm, identify business opportunities, prepare business plans, and implement their ideas in the real world.

During the first cycle of the program in 2021-22, more than 300,000 students formed 51,000 teams and implemented their business ideas. The government provided a seed capital of ₹600,000,000 (approximately $7,370,000 USD) to support these young entrepreneurs. From these teams, 1000 progressed to the second round, where they received intensive coaching from business coaches and mentors.

Mr. Ashish Aggarwal: A Business Coach in the Program

Thanks Delhi govt for your appreciation as a business coach in a business blaster programme

One of the prominent business coaches in the Business Blaster Program is Mr. Ashish Aggarwal the founder of Franchise Batao. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the business programme, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal plays an important role in guiding and mentoring students in their entrepreneurial journey.

As a business coach, Mr. Ashish Aggarwal works closely with the students, helping them refine their business ideas, develop effective business plans, and navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. His expertise and guidance empower the students to think critically, identify market opportunities, and create viable and scalable business models.

The Three Rounds of the Business Blasters Program

The Business Blaster Program consists of three rounds, each designed to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of the participating students.

Round 1: Formation of Teams and Brainstorming

Students form teams and brainstorm business ideas with guidance from teachers and entrepreneurs, conducting research to identify opportunities and social issues. This stage sets the foundation for the program.

Round 2: Intense Coaching and Plan Refinement

The second round focuses on intensive coaching and the refinement of the business plans and ideas. The 1000+ teams that progress to this round receive guidance from dedicated business coaches and mentors. These coaches, including Mr. Ashish Aggarwal, work closely with the teams, providing insights, feedback, and expertise to help them develop their projects. The coaches, who are entrepreneurs, senior executives, business consultants, and MBA students, play a crucial role in shaping the students’ entrepreneurial mindset.

Round 3: Showcasing the Business to Investors

Involves showcasing and pitching the projects to potential investors, companies and entrepreneurs. The selected teams present their businesses at an investment summit called the ‘Business Blasters Investment Summit and Expo.’ This event provides a platform for the students to explore collaborations, investments, and business partnerships.

The Impact of the Business Blasters Program

The Business Blaster Program has made a significant impact on the participating students, schools, and the overall education system. By fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, the program equips students with practical skills and the ability to think critically and creatively. It instils in them the belief that they can create opportunities and contribute to the economy as job creators.

The program also addresses the challenge of limited job opportunities for educated youth. Instead of relying solely on traditional employment, the Business Blaster Program encourages students to explore entrepreneurship as a viable career path. This shift in mindset not only benefits the students but also contributes to the economic growth of the country.

Moreover, the program promotes collaboration and partnership among students, mentors, and investors. It creates a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing, fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem within the education system.


The Business Blasters Program continues to empower students, it paves the way for a future where entrepreneurship becomes an integral part of education, ultimately driving economic growth and creating a generation of innovative and successful entrepreneurs. Through this program, students have the opportunity to develop their business ideas, receive guidance from experienced business coaches like Mr. Ashish Aggarwal and showcase their projects to potential investors.

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