Chai Theka Franchise


Chai Theka Franchise

Chai Theka is serving tea coffee, Snacks with shakes, and juices in a Desi manner.

The Chai Theka is the leading tea brand in India with a contemporary approach to the traditional concept-Tea.


In this Covid Time, the chai theka had started more than 20 Outlets in India and Providing Entrepreneurship opportunities.

They want to give happiness to the whole of India. their objective is to make fresh at affordable prices.

Why Chai Theka?

  • Every sip of our chai & coffee you drink with us will remind you of the taste of Mumma ke Hath ki Chai.
  • Chai theka is made with RO water, rich milk, premium Chai Patti (Tealeaf) with some great spices & natural ingredients like ginger, cardamon, dal chini, lavang etc.
  • They use Sulfurless Sugar, which keeps your body away from Harmful.
  • By serving Chai in Kulhad, we provide your drink Desi touch !!

Why Chai Theka Franchise opportunity

  • Highly profitable Successful Franchise at low investment!
  • High Quality.
  • Live kitchen.
  • Nationwide Franchise.
  • High Return on Investment.

Apply Chai Theka Frachise at

Call 7827719099, 8383900912, 7557557007

Or apply online at 

 Business Model

chai theka has given you two options to take their franchise first one is:

  • Kiosk Model
  • Dining Model

So in the kiosk model:

  1. Franchise fee would be – 2 lacs+ GST, all over would be 8 lac(including interior and equipment)
  2. Investment- would depend on the area and location
  3. Area required- 150- 250 Sq feet
  4. Royalty- there will be no royalty on your sales

And in Dining Model:

  1. The franchise fee would be- 2 lacs + GST
  2. Investment- would depend on the area and location
  3. Estimated Investment for 400 Square feet Area will be approx 13-14 Lacs
  4. Area required- 500- 600 Sq feet
  5. Royalty- there will be no royalty on your sales

CONTACT US:7827719099
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