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Are you really Looking for some Food Franchise, especially Biryani Franchise? If Yes then You are going to Have amazing Cloud Kitchen Chiragdin Biryani Franchise Today.

Chiragdin Biryani is a biryani where have both flavor chicken or veg which is good for everyone. Anyone can eat Chiragdin Biryani. Food Business is Fast Growing Business in India having the Lowest Risk. So This Chiragdin Biryani Franchise business will profitable for all.

The Profit Margins in Food Business are Higher and the wastage is minimum. So let’s Know More about Chiragdin Business Model

About Chirgdin Biryani Franchise

Mr. A.K. Kohli is the Founder of the Chirgdin Biryani Franchise. He started the Food Export Business 14 years ago in the name of Akriti Foods.

Now with a New Technology and Flavour, he Launched the Biryani Brand in 2020.

How to Start Chiragdin Biryani Franchise

The company is offering the Franchise in Cloud Kitchen Business Model. Cloud Kitchen Means you need not take the premium Location for Business.

If you want another food franchise then go for this franchise:

Requirements of the Franchise

A franchise is Open for Tier 1 and Tier 2 City only. the Must Requirement of the Franchise Owner is Business enthusiasm.

If you can give time to this business then You must have.

  • 100 Square Feet space near any Commercial Area or Institution
  • Investment of 4 Lacs and Above to Maintain the Stock
  • One Fridge, Commercial Oven, Desktop and Printer
  • Franchise Fees of Chiragdin Biryani is Rs. 2Lakh only for a Limited Time.

Menu of Chiragdin Biryani

  1. Murg Dum Biryani (Boneless)
  2. Lazeez-E-Fish Dum Biryani (Boneless)
  3. Murg keema Kofta Dum Biryani
  4. Murg barbeque Tikka Dum Biryani
  5. Gosht Seekh Kabab Dum Biryani
  6. Dum Gosht Biryani (Boneless)
  7. Gosht Keema Kofta Dum Biryani
  8. Murg Tikka Khandari Dum Biryani
  9. Murg Seek kabab Dum Biryani
  10. Dum E Egg Biryani

USP of Chiragdin Biryani Franchise Business

  • 30 minutes delivery
  •  No wastages of food
  • Chaffless food
  • Just heat and delivery
  • No commercial space required
  • Low investment within 7 lac
  • First time in India
  • Latest European technology in food processing

Chiragdin Biryani Support

  1. Standardized quality product
  2. Guidance and assistance in site selection
  3. Inventory support and management
  4. Product storage, heating, and packaging training
  5. Support for initial operational issues
  6. Software for inventory management and sales
  7. Selection of minimum staff required
  8. Branding and marketing for offline and online platforms
  9. Publicity and initial market advertisements
  10. Assistance for quality, operations, and business standards

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