Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio in Lock down Time


Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio – April 2020

Facebook Jio deal is the Biggest Corporate News in the Time of Corona Lock Down. The Deal Between Reliance Chairperson Mr. Mukesh Ambani and Facebook Founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is Biggest FDI Deal in India. Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio in Corona Lock Down Time.

Facebook has bought a 9.9% stake in Reliance Jio for Rs 43,574 crore. On Wednesday 22nd of April 2020 the deal was declared publicly. This Deal is purely Beneficial for both Facebook and Reliance Jio .

Reason Behind Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio

Reliance was Looking for Technology partner to promote its Jio Mart Hypermarket Stores in India. Facebook was looking to enter in a New Field and expansion in New Business.

Now Facebook is the biggest Shareholder in reliance Industries Subsidiary, Relaince Jio.

User base of Jio & Facebook

Both the Companies are top Companies in their respective Fields. If Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio then its a Big deal.

Jio is Number one in Mobile Industry while Facebook is Best in Social Media. The Huge User-base of both the Companies are as follows :

Reliance Jio  :

The current Customer base of Jio Mobile Users in India is about 40 crores and it is the No 1 Mobile Service Provider in India.

Facebook :

Facebook it self has about 30 crores account holders in India. India is the biggest market for Facebook

Whatsapp :

Current user-base of WhatsApp is 38 crores who are using both WhatsApp and Whatsapp for Business

Instagram :

This is also a Very Popular Site in India with a customer base of 8 Crores Plus

What is the Impact of Facebook Jio Deal?

Biggest Impact of Deal Mukesh Ambani is that He is now Richest Person in Asia. He Surpasses the Alibaba MD Jack Ma. It also Helps him to repay his debts. There are Good sentiments in Share market after Facebook Invests in Reliance Jio.

Reliance Facebook Deal

This is to bring in your notice that the deal is not with whole reliance company but the deal is with all jio Platforms. Like Jio Money, Jio Tv, JIo App and others.

Whatsapp was looking to launch the whatsapp pay in India but due to certain Legal Issues it was not possible in India. Now after the Investment in Jio it is assumed that they will share the space with Jio Money.

Facebook Jio Deal is a signal for Payments bank in India such as Paytm, Phonepe, Amazon pay etc.

JIO Mart by Reliance

Reliance had already launched the Jio Mart in January 2020 in Maharashtra and they are operating in few Cities. The Mode of Operations is Jiomart Website and Jio Mart App. They already have registered many small shopkeepers to promote the Jio Mart business.

Jio Mart Reliance

The investment in Jio Platform is a New life to Retail’s new commerce business on the JioMart platform. They will Use the Whats App and support little businesses on WhatsApp, RIL said.

The Reliance Chairperson Mr. Mukesh Ambani Said that  JioMart – Jio’s digital new commerce platform &  Whatsapp – will allow about 3 crore small Kirana shops Start their Business digitally  with every customer nearby them. This is going to happen Soon.

The Bigger picture in the Hyper Local Market will allow people to get quicker delivery with the help of Facebook’s WhatsApp platform.

The Model will be like that you will order and get the quicker Delivery from the Nearest Kirana Store. Jio will Charge some transaction charges on each delivery.

This is clear competition to all Grocery Delivery Business Like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm and Others.

Impact on Competition

Reliance History is not good to enter any market for its competitors. They Launched the jio in 2016 and the honeymoon period of all mobile companies are over. Amongst many companies there are to competitors are still working that is Vodafone and Airtel

Overall Facebook Invests in India for its Digital revolution with Reliance. Both are working for Digitization and there will be a New E commerce Market in India

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