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As a franchise business, Food Dudes offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate their own food restaurant franchise business With the Food Dudes brand. Franchisees receive training and support from the company, including assistance with site selection, marketing, and operations.

Starting a Food Dudes Business in India can be a lucrative opportunity, as there is a growing demand for Food Industry due to its taste and various healing properties.

About Us


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“Food Dudes has been established since 2015. The journey of taste began in 2015. When Mr. Aditya Gupta completed his education and his passion for making food bring him into this business as he is already working part-time in the food business since 2006. So, he decided to open his own shop which is named “Food Dudes” at Kalachowki, and after another 5 years and he open 2 shops in South Mumbai and more on the list.

Why Food Dude?

  • Specialty in sandwiches, pizza, burgers, wafer pav, and much more.
  • The menu is pocket friendly so that anyone can afford it.
  • Serving quality & taste-oriented fast food across south Mumbai for 8 years.
  • Closely monitored every parameter by Mr. Aditya Gupta to avoid composing in quality.
  • Copyright brand with future expansion vision.

Our Food Dudes Menu

Food Dude Menu Food Dude Menu

Food Dude Menu Food Dude Menu

Food Dude Franchise Model

Food Dude Franchise is providing an exclusive franchise opportunity in Pan India in three different Models.
You can also customize the Business model with the pre-approval of the company.

  • Kiosk Model
  • Take Away Model
  • Dine-in Model


Call For Food Dudes Franchise Opportunity

  1. Kiosk Model
  • Franchise Fee:- 1.5 Lakhs
  • Interior:- 1.5 – 2 Lakhs
  • Equipment+ Row Material:- 2.5 Lakhs
  • Billing Machine ( POS) – 35000/-
  • Total Investment:- 5.5 – 6 Lakhs
  • Area Req:- 150 sqft.
  • Royalty:- 4%

2. Take Away Model

  • Franchise Fee:- 2 Lakhs
  • Interior:- 2.5 – 3.5 Lakhs
  • Equipment+ Row Material:- 2.5 Lakhs
  • Billing Machine ( POS) – 35000/-
  • Counter & Furniture – 150000
  • Total Investment:- 8.5 – 10 Lakhs
  • Area Req:- 200 – 300 sqft.
  • Royalty:- 4%

3. Dine-in Model

  • Franchise Fee:- 2 Lakhs
  • Interior:- 4.5 – 5.5 Lakhs
  • Equipment+ Row Material:- 2.5 Lakhs
  • Billing Machine ( POS):- 35000/-
  • Counter & Furniture:- 5 Lakhs
  • Total Investment:- 14 – 18.5 Lakhs
  • Area Req:- 400 – 600 sqft.
  • Royalty:- 4%

This is a great option if you want to work with a reputable and well-known brand. To learn more about franchise business opportunities, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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