Franchise Batao Honored by Superstar Sonu Sood at Asian Iconic Awards 2024


Franchise Batao is a leading platform in the franchising industry. Franchise Batao has been recognized for its outstanding contributions and innovative approach in the franchising industry. That important moment came at the prestigious Asian Iconic Awards 2024, where Franchise Batao was awarded in the presence of none other than the Superstar Sonu Sood.

The Asian Iconic Awards 2024 was held on 11 February 2024 at JIO World, BKC  Mumbai. And here special guest superstar Sonu Sood was invited. Many businessmen, talented people, and actors/actresses were nominated for the awards in Asian Iconic Awards 2024. This award was given by Superstar Sonu Sood. This award was very prestigious for those who like Sonu Sood a lot.

 Some personalities honoured alongside Franchise Batao

  1. Brain Recording  (Founder and CEO – Gajendra Singh) :-
  2. MK ENTERPRISE (Entrepreneur  – Bhumika Mahendrabhai Shah)
  3. Shanti International School (Director – Sunil Shivhare)
  4. 3S dental care (Dentist and philanthropist – Dr Sunil Kar )
  5. BuyBuyCart (Manager – Sumit General) :-
  6. Ilara Hotel and Spa (Entrepreneur – Bivan Choudhury)
  7. Football Coach ‘ D ‘ licence (Sports and Fitness – Hasnain Ansari )
  8. Zevy Electric (Founder  – Mr. Mihir Raichura )
  9. Dilli Darbar Dhaba (Businessmen – Hamza & Azimur Rahman )
  10. Anmol tv (Entrepreneur – Miss Monika)
  11. Rutway Willness Pvt. Ltd. (Entrepreneur – Jagdish Ram)
  12. ALTAMIMI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (Teaching and Education – Sri Sai Naveen Gubbala)


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Presence of Superstar Sonu Sood

The presence of Superstar Sonu Sood added an extra layer of glamour and prestige to the event. During the ceremony, Sonu Sood’s presence served as an inspiration to all those present thanks to his commitment to humanitarian causes.

Franchise Batao Awarded by Sonu Sood

Franchise Batao Awarded by Sonu Sood

Receiving the Asian Iconic Award shows that Franchise Batao has done great things in the past and is committed to doing even better in the future. They’re focused on helping people start their own businesses and helping existing brands grow. They want to make sure everyone has the chance to succeed in the franchising world.

The Asian Iconic Awards 2024 not only celebrated success but also served as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for those with the vision, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit to pursue their dreams.


In conclusion, Franchise Batao and its brands winning at the Asian Iconic Awards 2024 shows how much effort, commitment, and fresh ideas matter in the franchising industry. They’re breaking new ground and showing others how to succeed globally. It’s a big deal and motivates others to do the same.


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