RBI Ban on Paytm Payment Bank


Recently, RBI has charged a commercial ban on Paytm Payments Bank due to continuous non-compliance. Also Paytm and its customers will be greatly affected.

RBI Action on Paytm

RBI ban on Paytm Payment Bank. Paytm Payments Bank will be restricted from accepting deposits or taking credit transactions, top-ups and other banking services from February 29, 2024. This includes prepaid devices, wallets, FASTags and National Common Mobility Card (NCMC). However, customers will still be able to withdraw from their accounts and access their balance. RBI has also ordered the closure of nodal accounts of One97 Communications Ltd and Paytm Payments Services Ltd before February 29, 2024.


Paytm Customer Concerns and Queries

Q1. What action has been taken on Paytm payments?

Ans. Paytm Payments Bank has been banned by the Reserve Bank. Paytm customers will not be able to use any prepaid wallets or Fastags after February 29, 2024.

Q2. I have Paytm app, will my app be stopped?

Ans. If you have the Paytm app and you are not taking the service of Paytm Payments Bank. You do not need to worry about this decision. This means you will be able to do all your activities like before. For example, you can pay bills like mobile recharges, water and electricity bills by using UPI from your bank account, like SBI or HDFC.

Q3. Who will be affected by Paytm?

Ans. Paytm provides other types of services including loans by partnering with many banks. One of these is Paytm Payments Bank. After the decision of RBI, now Paytm Payments Bank service will be banned. This ban will be effective after February 29. That means if you want to pay any kind of bill with the money deposited in Paytm Payments Bank, then it will not be possible.

Q4. What will be the impact on Paytm POS and Paytm Soundbox service?

Ans. Paytm has confirmed that there will be no impact on your Paytm POS and Paytm Soundbox services. Paytm has said that we will be able to add new offline merchants in future as well.

Q5. Will Paytm merchants be able to take payments from Paytm?

Ans.  Paytm merchants who receive money in Paytm Payment Bank account will not be able to accept payments. Due to RBI decision, new credit will not be allowed in these accounts.

Q6. What will happen to Paytm FASTag?

Ans.  You can continue to use your existing Paytm FASTag balance but it will become inactive after February 29. Paytm Fastag users should purchase a new tag.

Q7. What will happen to the Paytm loan?

Ans.  Those taking loans from Paytm will have to continue their payments. Third-party lenders give these loans. Default or any delay in paying instalments will affect their credit score.


The RBI’s action serves as a reminder to all banks and financial institutions to prioritize regulatory compliance to maintain the banking sector’s stability.


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