Go Waterless Car Wash Franchise


Can you wash your car without water? I don’t think this is possible but it’s possible. we can wash our cars without water, franchise Batao has come with new franchise call Go Waterless Car Wash Franchise.

Go Waterless Car Wash Franchise

Friends, do you know that India has only 4% of the water available in the whole world. Over 60 crores people are worried about water. 2 lakh people die every year due to lack of pure water. Even after that we wastewater.

We are offering you the Go Waterless franchise it will wash your car without water. It was started in 2019, Nitin Sharma is its founder.

He has taken a mission to save maximum water in India and that water should be used where it should be used properly.

Currently, 5 franchise services of Go Waterless are successfully working in India And right now excited by this success, Go Waterless franchise is also offering you.

Investments :

Franchise and Brand Fee of this business costs 1.5 lakhs

  •  Material and Service Kits (Equipment’s) = 2.8 lakhs + GST 18% Rs.(27000)
  • Total Investments 3.85 lakhs

Support of Company :

  • * Branding
  • * Training
  • * Mobile App
  • * Billing Software
  • * CRM

Our Services:

  1.  Interior Cleaning
  2.  Micro Detailing
  3.  Car Sanitization
  4.  Commercial Sanitization
  5.  Door Step Service
  6. You may offer annual services to your clients.

Our Specialty:

  •  Car Wash
  •  Without Water
  •  Scratchless
  •  Save Environment
  •  Eco Friendly
  •  Time-Saving

Expected R.O.I. = 12 to 18 Months

Agreements Term = 5 years

If you want to do this business or want to get any franchise-related information, then you can contact me on the number given below.

Friends, keep in mind – water is life. Therefore, this is the appeal to you not to wastewater and save as much water as possible. This is also the objective of the Go Waterless franchise business.

how to apply for Go Waterless Car Wash Franchise

  • Call us at: 7827719099 or 7557557007
  • Gmail at: franchisebato@gmail.com
  • Whatapp us 

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