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Are you confused to start a Food Franchise business, if you are then franchise Batao has the solution of it.

Everybody is just opening their brand without knowing anything of business protocol, people are spending their money Without any reason.

And today i am going to discuss 10 things you must know while taking a franchise will earn bumper:

1. Brand Popularity

  • Brand Popularity: you are taking a brand and nobody know that brand then the sales of your will not even increase it always goes down.
  • So before taking any franchise of any brand check that the brand popularity is there or not.
  • How to check their brand popularity? for that just check their social media, how its is working, how many views are there in their post and videos.
  • And are they listed on online delivery applications like Swiggy and Zamato.

2. Brand USP

  • Secondly you have to check that the brand is giving you a brand USP or not.
  • How there brand unique is and how they are famous from there menu in their local area.

3. Brand SOP(Standard Operating Procedure)

  • Is the brand is give same taste in different places? also is the brand can maintain the quality of the products?
  • Is there any systematic manner to place your franchise in any particular area?
  • What is the exact process of the brand
  • Is the brand sop is genuine?

4. Look & Feel

  • If we are talking about food business then firstly you should visit their dine- in branches they have.
  • How’s the brands look and feel, interiors, deigning and is the area is totally hyenic or not?
  • Is the look and feel settle in your Areas?

5. Brand Marketing

  • Is the brand invested in their business on a decent way?
  • What is the marketing strategy towards their brand?
  • You have to already prepared for the marketing strategy  you want to apply on you business

6. Franchise Fess

  1. In this point you have to keep this mind that are you getting benefit on Franchise fee + royalty.
  2. Now what you you should get on the behalf of franchise fee:
  • Proper outlet setup
  • Staff
  • Business Initial marketing

3. What you you should get on the behalf of Royalty:

  • Are they sharing their unique recipe
  • Marketing strategy
  • Supervision
  • Audit

7. Profit

  • The brand you are going to choose, in that will you get profit?
  • Are you getting profitability in the 3rd month after open?

8. Agreement

  • In agreement paper you should check in brief that can you leave the company on your conditions?
  • Also you have to consult with your personal lawyer on the behalf of agreement.

9. Franchise & Locking Period

  • Can you leave the brand over the locking period
  • when it will be renewable and how many amount you have to pay.

10.  Suitable Business

  • In this case you have to check that are you patinate about the business you gone do.
  • is the brand made for you and is the brand work on your area etc.

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