Hyper Supermarket Grocery Store Franchise


If you are Looking for a Risk-Free Business in India then Grocery Business is one of them. You May earn Less or more but the chances of Loss are rare if your Cost of Operations is Under Control in Kiryana Store Business.

Hyper Supermarket is a Grocery Mart Business and Providing Franchise Opportunity in India.

Hyper Supermarkets Franchise

Hyper Supermarkets was Launched in 2011 in India and the first Franchise of Hypermart was started in 2012.

Till Now they have Good Franchise base of 80 Plus Franchise Store in many Sectors

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Franchise Model of Hyper Supermarket in India

FOFO Model:

If you want to start Franchise Owned Franchise Operated Model of Hyper Supermart the You need

Minimum 300 Square Feet Area in a Good Location

Franchise Fees of 3 Lakh plus 18% GST and Other Applicable taxes If any

Instore and Stock Investment of Rs 4,000 Per Square Feet

For example, if you want to start a Supermarket Franchise with 400 Square feet then Your Total Investment will be

Franchise Fee Rs. 3,54,000  and Stock Investment will be 400 X 4000 = 16 lakh

Total Investment will be 19,54,000

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FOCO Model

If You want to start Franchise Invested and Company Operated Business Model of Hyper Supermarket Store then you require

Minimum 300 Squarefeet Area

Franchise fee of Rs. 3 Lakh Plus GST

Investment of Rs 5,000 Per Square Feet as a Setup Charges

Your Investment of Setup charges are Refundable as per the Franchise Agreement with the Company

Revenue in Hyper Supermarket Franchise

If You will Own a HyperMart Franchise in India then what will be the Possibility of Income

  1. Foco Model:  In Foco Model, You will get a net of 10% On sales. All the Expenses of Rent, Electricity, and Staff salary Will be Borne by the Hyper Supermarket. If the Net sales of your Store are 10 lakh then you will get 1 Lakh Rupees as Income and it will be your Net Income.
  2. FOFO Model: In FOFO Model all the Expenses are borne by you and you will earn the actual profits on sales. The Profit Margin on the sales will vary from 6 % to 30 %. Suppose the Net Sales is 10 lakh and Profit is 20 Percent then You will earn 2 Lakh Rupees but the Expenses you need to pay are Salary, Rent, Electricity bill and 25000 royalty to the Brand.

Hyper Supermarket Grocery Store Franchise Review :

Hypermart is a Growing Brand in India but Franchise batao does not take any responsibility of the same. If You want to start this franchise then you must enquire at your personal Level. Grocery Store Business is a good option to start with in India

So If you are Willing to start Hyper Supermarket Franchise in your area then consult the Franchise Batao team Once and we will help you in Promotions and Startup.

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