Mini App Shop Business Opportunity in India


Mini App Shop Business Opportunity

Do you Want to Start New Business in Low Investment?Or Want to Promote existing Business in India then Mini app Shop provides you One Stop Solutions for all your Business needs.

What is Mini App Shop?

The Mini app Shop is a Brand of Acube Digital where you will found the Bundle of Business Promotion Services.

At Mini App Shop you will find Unique Business Opportunity with the Following


  1. E Commerce Website
  2. Mobile Application
  3. MSME registration services
  4. GST Registration Services
  5. One Business Consultancy (for 15 Minutes)
  6. One  Accounts Consultancy for 15 Minutes
  7. one Video for Promotion of your Business
  8. 5 Social Media Banners for Promotion of your Products

& will you Believe that all this you will get at Rs. 11,000 Only.

Apply Now for Mini App Shop business Opportunity

Why to start With Mini App Shop ?

The present day who is the exiting business owner who deals in any product, either you are a manufacturer and you are manufacturing 2 or 4 products.

Or you are a dealer, product seller and trader, you are selling some products, you are having trouble in selling all those products.

You do not understand how to increase the sale of your product?

Do you want your to start selling online?

For this, friends like you will try online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. And on that you will have to pay multiple charges such as platform charges, closing charges, delivery charges and so on.

You May sell products on these platform and you can increase sells but the Brand Value of Your Product is not Increasing in Such manner.
So why not sell your business on your online platform?

Friends, you are dealing in any product, such as a gifting product and a unique 4-6 thing that you have, which is your capital. Or are you selling the camera, or any other product. You can sell any product online.

Benefits :

The Mini app Shop is a Brand of Acube Digital where you will found the Bundle of Business Promotion Services.

  1. They will give you e-commerce website of your brand where you will be able to sell your product.
  2. They will also make you a mobile app that will give brand value to your business.
  3. Friends, if your business is eligible for the MSME, then they will also get you registered.
  4. They will also give your GST registration and one time accounts consultancy.
  5. You will get a consultancy related to the business.
  6. You will get marketing video of your business business.
  7. 5 Social Media Banners for Promotion of your Products growth.

And you are getting all these services for only 11000/- only plus very minimum monthly charges.

How they works?

The mini app shop wants to connect more and more entrepreneurs to help them selling online. So if you want to grow your business then you must decide today

  • whether you are in any exiting business, you can grow your business
  • if you are not doing any exiting business. So which business you need to do, what products do you sell, they will help you.
  • Listing all the products will also be done on the mini shop app.Your payment gateway will be provided by the miniappshop.
  • All the payments will come to your account. The sales will be completely yours.
  • You will get a registration with the delivery partner so that you do not face any problem in delivery, you can easily deliver anywhere.

How to Start Your Business with them?

Start Your Own Brand and Provide Franchise to others. Mini APP Shop Business Will help you to become an entrepreneur at low cost.

This is a Low investment Business Opportunity Provided by Franchise Batao.

Would You Like to Start Your Own Business in Low Investment then you can start the Best Business Opportunity in 11000 only . Inquire for New Business Opportunity at
or you can call Us or whats app at 8383900912

If you have any Query or you want to start a New Business or want to Promote your Existing Business then Mini App Shop is Giving you an excellent opportunity. Pls Comment Below or share this post.

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