Neeroli Franchise Business, Best Business Idea for Women


Today I am gone tell you about the long-term distribution opportunity that will be profitable and beneficial for you. If you want to become a franchise expert in the future. so yes, you are in the right place. This Neeroli Franchise Business will give you a huge advantage in your future. Yeah! I am talking about sanitary pads. And every woman needs this in their life, It’s a very essential product in women’s life so this is going to be crazy but, if you will grab this Neeroli Franchise Business now.

Where you can find this essential product:

  1. Modern Store
  2. Retail Store
  3. Kirana Store
  4. Cosmetic Store
  5. Medical Store

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I’ll describe in brief, content of the blog mentioned below:

  • Introduction to the company Neeroli
  • Business Model
  • Investment
  • Profitability
  • How to apply for the franchise
  • Conclusion

Introduction to the company Neeroli

Neeroli is India’s first Sanitary Pad that gives totally watertight during your periods. The cushion has an interesting NaPA gel innovation that gives you a sensation of Dryness and newness during your periods.

Neeroli franchise business

Neeroli super slender sterile cushion has a profound retentive sheet that ingests the fluid till the last layer and helps in keeping the top sheet more clean. Neeroli is accessible in three sizes – Large Extra Large and Super XL+ sizes to guarantee additional insurance from spillage.

With Neeroli, bid farewell to the Heavy, stodgy, and tacky inclination during your Periods.

Business Model

If I talk about the business model of the Neeroli then they have:

  • Qualitative products
  • Extra Cushion Ultra Thin
  • Soft And Light
  • Gentle to skin
  • Advanced Get Technology
  • GST is not required as it is exempted in GST
  • No current account is required


So now come to the main point what is the investment of the franchise then there is:

  1. For Men’s: 50000/-
  2. For Women’s: 25000/-

So women’s what you want more accept this golden opportunity. This is the best franchise for Women’s to start and Men’s as well. And I think women can do this job much better than men. Because obviously, women have known that how these products are essential for every woman.


Now coming to the profit margin Company will give you a 30 % profit margin in the direct sale and you can also sell this product in two ways:

  • B2B (Business To Business)         
  • B2C (Business To Customer)       
  1. B2B (Business To Business): In this criteria, you can place this product in your area’s shops whether it is Kirana store, medical store, etc.
  2. B2C (Business To Customer): In this criteria, You can sell your product by door to door marketing.

How to apply for this franchise

You can apply for this franchise by this:

  • North/East & West India Markets: 9119669772
  • South India: 9936020100



In the end, I want to conclude this post by saying that women can do much better than men’s and also this is a very wonderful opportunity. On the other side men can also do this so apply now.

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