Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp bane in India 2021.


There so many apps were there which is banned in India on 29th June 2020. The ministry of electronics and technology announced. Nowadays people are using social media apps in two ways. Obviously, a social media app is that platform that empowers so many people such as those who put their valuable content, put their personal images videos. In this blog we’ll know about is social media ban in India?

As well as people also used the platform as marketing to sell their products online and spread awareness of their products but also people use social media apps in the wrong way such as some people shared fake news and cheap thing on social media which is really not good because it’s unhealthy for us.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp ban in India?

For all the social media you are running, you will have to have a nodal officer for these apps. Simultaneously, a Violanne picture or graphic completeness comes on social media. So all these posts will have to be removed and we will have to inquiry about this within 15 days.

So all these policies were made by India Governments. On top of this, make all social media a policy. , And Indian Governments had to reply by 25 May. If all this is not answered, then on 24th May this all apps will be banned. Which has Facebook, tweeter, Instagram as well as WhatsApp.

So you can estimate that if social media ban in India, then how many users are millions of people and whose livelihood is earned from all these apps, what will they do it will be very difficult for them.

social media ban in india

What do you think social media are really banned in India or not?

As of now So far Koo TV has applied all the policies on itself. At the same time, Facebook has made a response to the Indian government, according to the policies of government India, it will make changes on its own, but Twitter has not made any reply. And maybe on Twitter, it might be ban.

And Whatsapp also says that the government can apply whatever policies of Indian but their policies are being contracted with the Privacy Policy of Whatsapp. For example, if there is a message in WhatsApp that indicates fake things, then WhatsApp has to find the original one. Where that video started viral. That status has to be told to the Indian government.

But if you do this, then WhatsApp is manipulating its own privacy & policies. So Whatapp has now propounded how they can do this. There is some crisis about this thing. So we have to wait for what happens next.

But right now nothing is going to be ban. Because now Covid has the conditions and in such a situation(pandemic) they will probably get a new deadline. As long as all these apps have to apply these policies on themselves.

But the people do not think that these apps cannot be ban in India like Pubg Tiktok has become such a big popular app in India, it can be also banned. So As of Now, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp are not getting banned, they will get a longer deadline, But due to no response from Twitter, Twitter will ban.

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