One Bite Food Franchise


If you’re considering opening your own food company, you’ll first consider whether there should be less waste in your operation. Second, remember that you should get a speedy return on your investment. So, how will you oversee food quality in your upcoming enterprise? Because quality determines customers. A lively and engaging fast-food restaurant, One Bite franchise offers a large variety of food to its customers and does so in a pleasing manner. This exceptional fast-food franchise is inexpensive and simple to run.


One Bite launched its food company in Okhla, New Delhi, and is now expanding its business network throughout India. One Bite Food Franchise are very popular among people, not just for their taste but also for their interior design. One Bite’s menu is not just extensive but also pocket-friendly.

Burgers, fries, pizza, wraps, mocktails, cold and hot beverages, sandwiches (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), various desserts, shakes, Chinese, nachos, and many other items are available on their menu. They compete with India’s best restaurants since their menu is the widest. If you will taste their products you don’t have to compromise on quality. The most important feature of “One bite” is its attractive decor, which draws customers in because of the pleasant ambiance it creates.


The accomplishment of great things is always the result of a collaborative effort. The group of individuals supporting and depending on us in the ONE BITE expansion for PAN INDIA is also our franchisees.


Being a new venture in Industry Success wouldn’t be possible without our Franchises’ Alliance, Their contribution means a lot to us as a result of our conviction that “Most Good Associations are Franchises’built on Mutual Trust & Respect,” One Bite has been able to grow into a prosperous franchisee with little initial outlay and significant returns.

Reasons to partner

  1. More than 90 tempting and delicious varieties on their menu.
  2. Trained staff support for the complete two months.
  3. Pocket-friendly menu to lure customers. Burgers start from INR 31 and Pizza starts from INR 61.
  4. Markey surveyors to visit the properties shortlisted by you and let you know the best as per our Brand’s requirements.
  5. No chef or skilled person is required. At the store level, frozen precooked food is simple to assemble.


  • Meeting
  • Concept + LOI
  • Property approval
  • Agreement
  • Investment
  • Team Work
  • Supplier Tie-ups
  • Opening restaurants
  • ROI + Growth

Business Models
  • Takeaway/ Kiosk Model
  • Stand Alone/ High Street Model
  • Dine–in Model
Take away Model
  • ROI- 9- 12 months
  • Area- 120- 200 sq. ft
  • Franchise Fees-9- 10 Lachs
Stand Alone/ High Street Model
  • ROI- 12-15 months
  • Area- 200-500 sq. ft
  • Investment- 12-14 Lacks
Dine–in Model
  • ROI- 15-18 months
  • Area- 600-1000 sq. ft
  • Investment- 15 Lacks+


If your sales are good then you will start getting 60% of the Gross Profit Margin.


You can earn around 40% of the net profit margin in this business opportunity, which is very good.

MONTHLY EARNING – 1.25- 1.50 Lacks


Franchise Fees Benefits

  1. They have the same vendor which supplies spices to many Renowned Brands.
  2. Paid Promotions on All Social Platforms for completion 12 to 15 days Before and after the Opening of the Outlet.
  3. After every 2nd Quarter, we try to add Some new Variety to our Menu, So making that Dish Available at every Single Franchise Outlet also gets Covered in Benefits of Franchise Fees.



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