Ono! Momo Franchise in India


Momo Food is the latest food trend in China, it has been spreading by word-of-mouth and social media.

India’s fast food industry is booming, and one of the biggest success stories is Ono! Momo, is a Chinese fast food franchise that has established itself as the nation’s fastest-growing fast food franchise in India. Ono Momo started as a small, family-run restaurant in Noida, UP.

Ono Momo has become renowned for its delicious street-style Chinese food, and its focus on quality ingredients.

Ono! Momo Food Menu

ono! momo food menuono! momo menu

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Momo Franchise Business


Ono! Momo’s Unique Selling Points

Ono! Momo has also created a unique identity for itself by focusing on quality ingredients and using innovative cooking techniques.

Ono! Momo franchise cart model has been able to stand out from other fast food momo food franchise chains in India by offering a wide range of customizable options for its customers. 

Ono! Momo has also become known for offering value for money, with its meals costing less than other fast food chains. Customers can also avail of discounts and offer at Ono Momo outlets, which makes them even more attractive.

Ono! Momo Franchise Model

Check our complete 3 models where we have considered affordable investment Momo franchise in India:-

  1. Cart Model
  2. Kiosk / Takeaway Model
  3. Dine-In Model

Cart Model

ono! momo franchise cart model

  1. (Cart, Raw Materials, Equipment, Franchise Fee)
    Total Investment:-
    1.99 Lakh
  2. Area Req:- Not Required
  3. Royalty:- 5%
  4. Franchise Term:- 5 Years

Kiosk/Take Away Model:-

  1. Franchise Fee:- 2 Lakh
  2. Equipment:- 2-2.5 Lakh
  3. Interior :- 1 Lakh
    Total Investment:- 5 – 5.5 Lakh
  4. Area Req:- 100 – 150 sqft.
  5. Royalty:- 5%
  6. Franchise Term:- 5 Years

Dine-in Model

  1. Franchise Fee:- 3 Lakh

  2. Raw Material:- 3 Lakh
  3. Interior:- 2-3 Lakh
  4. Total Investment:- 8 – 9 Lakh
  5. Area Req:- 400 – 500 sqft.
  6. Royalty:- 5%
  7. Franchise Term:- 5 Years

Ono! Momo Franchise Marketing Strategies

ono! momo franchise testimonial

Ono! Momo has been able to create a strong presence in the market by utilizing a variety of marketing strategies. The company has utilized traditional advertising methods, such as billboards and television commercials, as well as digital marketing strategies, such as social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

The company has also utilized direct mail campaigns and has created an engaging website, which has been key to its success. The company has also utilized promotional offers and discounts, which have been key to its success.

Ono! Momo’s Customer Experience

Ono! Momo has been able to create an excellent customer experience for its customers. The company has put a lot of effort into creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and comfortable. Its staff are very friendly and helpful and are always willing to help customers choose the right meal for them.

The restaurant also prides itself on its fast and efficient service, and orders are usually served quickly. The restaurant also has modern decor and is well-maintained, which adds to the overall experience.


Ono! Momo has managed to establish itself as one of the fastest-growing fast food franchises in India. The company has managed to differentiate itself from other fast food chains by offering a unique fusion of traditional Chinese food and local Indian flavours.

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