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Health is a fundamental aspect of life and a key factor in determining our overall well-being. As such, it is important to ensure that we are taking proper care of ourselves, both physically and mentally. Today, there are many facilities available to us that make it easier to monitor our health at home. These include at-home tests for various conditions, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure, as well as other tests for illnesses and diseases.

Globira Medical Franchise

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of health and well-being in our lives. As the virus continues to spread, it is essential to ensure that we are taking all necessary steps to protect ourselves from infection. That was the time when the Health business increased like no other. Here’s a Globira Medical Franchise business opportunity that offers the best services and excellent support at the lowest investment.

About Gobira MedicalGlobira Medical Franchise

The Globira company offers doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists who are certified and qualified for home visits. At your home, we also offer laboratory testing services, senior care, childcare, vaccinations, health checks, and additional health care services.

We provide both online and offline medical consultations to make healthcare services available whenever and wherever. Our huge networks of medical specialists are constantly at your service, confidently prepared to provide you with trustworthy and at-home treatment to enhance your recovery. Our services ensure a longer stay at home for our patients, a quick recovery, and therapy that is both affordable and pain-free.

Globira offers video conferences so that people can speak with doctors online or on their mobile devices. Their headquarters is in Sastri Nagar, Delhi.


Our goal is to form a cherished, everlasting link with each of our members. The kindest service in today’s challenging world is to give them the best attention and most selfless care possible. We cordially invite you to utilize our first-rate services from our knowledgeable and professional staff. We operate under the same slogan, “We care for you at your home.”


The right to health belongs to everyone. Our passionate teams at GLOBIRA MEDICAL assist communities all around the nation as an expression of our commitment to the well-being of everyone.

Lifelong wellness with GLOBIRA.

Globira Medical franchise

Globira Medical Services

Globira Medical services are the best and most affordable.

  • Physiotherapy at Home
  • Vaccination at Home
  • Health Checkup at Home
  • Nursing at Home
  • Mother & Baby Care
  • Medicine Services at Home
  • Elder Care at Home
  • Doctor (Visit at Home)
  • Doctor (Video Conference)
  • Lab Tests & X-Ray
  • Ambulance Services
  • Gynecologists
  • Dermatologists
  • Dietitians & Nutritionists
  • Diabetes
  • Ante Natal Care
  • Post Natal Care
  • Post Operative Care
  • Dentist
  • Medical Camp
  • Certificates

Why Choose Globira Medical?

  • 24X7 support
  • Video chat with Doctors
  • X-Ray and Lab Test at Home
  • Emergency case
  • X-Ray and Lab Test at Home
  • Business Owner

Globira Medical certificates

  • Incorporation certificate
  • Registration Certificate
  • Trade Mark

        Globira Medical Franchise      

Globira Medical Franchise Business Opportunity

Join up with GLOBIRA MEDICAL, a reputable name in the healthcare industry, to support its goal of building a nationwide network of high-performance diagnostic centers. GLOBIRA is seeking entrepreneurs and business partners who wish to join a company that is recognized for offering to lead, cutting-edge healthcare.

Low operating costs, a high-profit margin, and a cheap initial investment are key requirements for a healthcare franchise. Our constantly growing franchises have the opportunity to join us on an incredible journey of business success by partnering with us.

Why franchise with Globira Medical?

  • Become a Business Owner
  • The Health and Wellness Sector is Expanding Quickly
  • The knowledge and motivating solutions to assist our clients
  • Enjoy the best profits in the healthcare sector.
  • Franchise fees are 100% refundable.
  • Low investment business opportunity with the highest profit margin.

Franchise Enquiry

Globira Medical Services offers low-cost franchise opportunities in the healthcare industry.

  • Area Required: 300 sq. ft.- 5000 sq. ft.
  • Investment range from 1 Lac – 40 Lacs.
  • Location Type: Commercial/Rural residence
  • Age Group: 21-64

Globira Medical Franchise Models

The models from Globira Medicals are divided into four sections. Let’s learn more about the necessities of those models

  • Become our associates
  • Collection Centre
  • Healthcare Centre
  • Lab Centre

Collection Centre

This model’s franchise fee is 1.51 lacs. Moreover, this money is 100% refundable.

Area required: 100- 150 Sq.ft


  • All Blood Collection Equipment will be provided by the company
  • Nursing Kit (Provided by the company): BP Machine, Oxy Meter, Thermometer, Sugar Machine
  • Marketing Materials (Provided by the company): T-Shirt, ID Card, Bag, Pen, Diary, Coupon for franchise & customer, Visiting cards, Brochure

Health Care Centre

For this model, the franchise fee will be 2 Lacs. Additionally, the payment is entirely refundable.


  • The company will provide you with Medical Equipment & Product Materials for 5.5 Lakhs.
  • X-Ray Machine will be provided.
  • You will also get Dental X-Ray Machine
  • Heart Machine will be given.
  • Also Includes collection centre Franchise services

Lab Centre

For Lab Centre, you have to pay 5 lacs as franchise fees which are 100% refundable.

In this model, the company will provide you with lab equipment like:-


  • New generation desktop chemistry analyzer with FLOW CELL & basic accessories
  • New generation chemistry Analyzer
  • Xcyte plus
  • Turbochem 100 Automated random–access biochemistry analyzer
  • Pentacyte
  • ATL 60- Automated tube labeler
  • Chemwell plus 2901 Random access analyzer
  • Turbochem 240 Automated random–access biochemistry analyzer

Profit Margin

In comparison to the market, Globira Medical offers the best profit margin, which is 50%.

Agreement Duration Of Globira Medical

According to government regulations, Globira Medical has a straightforward policy of a 5-year agreement that will be renewed after 5 years.

Click here for the pdf file Globira Medical Franchise PDF File

This is one of the best options you should choose if you’re looking for a low-investment business opportunity and are interested in the medical industry.

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or via phone at (782) 721-9099.

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