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Today, any mishappening can happen at events if a large crowd is invited and if certain people who can manage it are not present there. We need some people or staff to make sure that there are no mishaps or accidents at any public event. Keeping this in mind you will require someone to control the crowd and maintain discipline.

Today, security is an important factor to consider while running a business, hosting an event, planning a family gathering, or holding formal meetings. Politicians, celebrities, and other well-known figures should all prioritize their security because maybe if anything can go wrong their bouncers or any security can handle the situation. Therefore, we are offering you a franchise business opportunity called Rambo Security franchise that is required for today’s lifestyle to make all of these successful and to secure people and their businesses.

About Rambo SecurityRambo security franchise

In Delhi (NCR), Rambo Security has provided businesses and private clients with a wide variety of highly qualified security personnel. Rambo Security is a licensed security company specializing in offering security-related goods, services, and solutions. The supply of security services to small-to-medium-sized organizations, government agencies, and municipalities is the basis of our conventional business strategy. The founder of Rambo Security is Rajeev Nagar and Manish Nagar.


  • Security Guard
  • Gunman & PSO
  • Bodyguards and Bouncers
  • Investigations
  • Private Detectives
  • Dog Squad
  • Security System
  • Surveillance Room

Their Approaches

  • Security Survey
  • Solutions Department
  • Solutions Placement
  • Checking & Assessment
  • Review and Modification

Why Choose Rambo Security

  1. 24/7 Support- Rambo Security offers a 365-day service.
  2. Expert Employees- Rambo Security protects you by hiring only fully vetted, knowledgeable, and skilled personnel.
  3. Proven Security- Before joining Rambo Security, every employee is properly trained.
  4. Secured Service- Working with Rambo Security is a pleasure for all of the staff. 100% secure services for its customers.

Rambo security franchise

Benefits of Rambo Security Franchise

  • Licensing
  • Marketing
  • Manpower
  • Promotion
  • Training
  • Uniform at actual cost

Rambo Security Franchise Opportunity Model:

  • Franchise Cost:- You will only need to pay 4.5 Lakhs for this one-time franchise fee.
  • Area Required:- You will require an office of 500 sq. ft. And only 7% of the revenue you have to pay to Rambo Security.

Please feel free to get in touch with us using the provided contact information if you have any queries. 

Call us @7827719099

Mail us at franchisebatao@gmail.com

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