JB Kachori Wala Franchise Business


India is famous for its spicy and lip-smacking dishes. Kachoris are one of them where a variety of flavours come together to make the perfect snack that everyone will love. Street food is our everyday favourite and JB Kachori Wala is making it even more delicious. In India, spicy food is very much loved by people. So, here is a food business opportunity by the famous JB Kachori Wala from Chandni Chowk. JB Kachori Wala Franchise Business which can give you a popular name.

About JB Kachori Wala

JB Kachori Wala Franchise Business

JB Kachori Wala (Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala), a Chandni Chowk establishment known for its spicy kachoris, created the khasta kachori concept in Delhi in 1971. Since then, it has experienced a rapid rise in popularity. With more than three decades of experience, the Legendary restaurant has kept up the quality of the food it has been providing to countless numbers of foodies. This establishment stands out from the other “kachori” sellers at Chandni Chowk and everywhere else because they serve “Urad dal ki kachori” together with “Aloo ki Sabzi” and “Kachalu ki Chatni.” It features a group of experienced chefs who are adept at making delicious kachori using special spices.

For use in the outlet to produce the best and most tasty kachori, JB Kachori Wala has created his own collection of spices. The distinctive spices guarantee consistency and excellent flavor in their products. The Hindustan Times named JB Kachori walla the greatest street food seller in Delhi.

Foodies are well aware that flavor is the only thing that matters. This is a small shop that sells incredibly tasty kachoris at an extremely good price. They come with chutney and Aloo ki Sabji, which are topped with chilies. Everything about the food becomes incredibly flavorful and delicious.

Why Choose JB Kachori Wala

They haven’t made any arrangements for seating, so don’t anticipate getting one. Standing in the optimal position for eating their “kachoris.” You won’t be able to sit still, though, with the spicy “chatni”. This corner always promises a weekend-filled atmosphere and superhuman quick service. Even if there may be fewer people around during the week, the quality will still be the best.

JB Kachori Wala Franchise Business

JB Kachori Wala Franchise Models

JB Kachori Wala is offering two different models of exclusive franchise opportunities in Pan India. Besides that, you can modify the business model with prior company approval.

  • Kiosk Model
  • Dine-In Model

Kiosk Model

Things you need

  • Pet- Pooja Billing Software.
  • Standee’s
  • Dress for staff.
  • Take-away menu


  • Franchise Fee: 3 Lakhs
  • Set Up Cost: 3- 5 Lakhs
  • Area Required: 150 – 250Sq.ft

Dine-In Model

Things you need

  • Required Equipment & Utensils (as persist)
  • 4 – 5 Staff Including Chef (as per requirement)
  • Dress forStaff
  • FSSAI Licence
  • Zomato & Swiggy SubscriptionsCharges.
  • Pet-pooja BillingSoftware.
  • Pamphlets & leaflets


  • Franchise Fee:– 3 LAKHS
  • Set Up Cost:– 6 – 8 LAKHS
  • Area Required – 250 – 500Sq.ft

Business RequirementsJB Kachori Wala Franchise Business

  • 2 – 3 Staff (as per requirement).
  • Equipment and Utensils.
  • Zomato & Swiggy Subscriptions Charges.
  • Brand sign board.
  • Interiors and Exteriors.
  • GST registration charges.
  • MCD & FSSAI Licence Charges/Fees

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This is a great alternative for you to start your own business if you are looking for a food franchise with significant benefits and profitability.


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