Roll Singh Fast Food Franchise in India


Roll Singh is a fast food outlet. It is very famous in the city of New Delhi. This fast food outlet is famous for its  Kathi Roll. The Kathi rolls sold here are delicious and are liked by everyone, whoever tastes it. It is a fast-growing quick-serve restaurant chain in India. In the food and beverage sector, 3R plays an important role. This 3R means that the right strategies at the right point with the right person/vendor/mentor. Roll Singh has created good partnership/collaboration with various Stakeholders to grow faster. They have collaborated with delivery partners such as Zomato, Swiggy, and Magicpin for lower commissions. For offline branding, they have also collaborated with universities, colleges, malls, and event companies and directly with the manufactures for supplying the raw material and etc.

Investment in Roll Singh Franchise:

  • The size of the outlet size should be 200-600 sq.ft.
  • Involves the investment of Rs 5-10 Lakhs that depends totally on the size and location of the store.
  • There is an option of 5 years of renewal.
  • The franchise fee is Rs 3 Lakhs and 18% GST.
  • The supply of food will be from the central kitchen/ approved vendors/ brands only.

The people interested in buying the franchise of this store can contact us.


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