Sukh Chai Franchise Opportunity


A tea cafe is a type of establishment that specializes in serving various types of tea, often accompanied by snacks or light meals. The atmosphere in a tea cafe is typically cosy and relaxing, with a focus on providing a comfortable space for customers to enjoy their tea.
Tea cafes may offer a wide range of tea varieties, including traditional blends, herbal teas, and speciality blends. They may also offer tea-based beverages such as chai lattes, matcha lattes, and tea smoothies.

So, today I’m sharing one of the best tea cafe franchise opportunity with you which name is “Sukh Chai”.

sukh chai franchise opportunity


About Sukh Chai

Tagline “Your Sip of Goodness”

The Sukh Chai story started back in the year 2018, as the name suggests it is a modern-style Chai Shop serving a variety of freshly brewed chai, hand-beaten coffee, shakes, mocktails and diverse snacks that complement these beverages including burgers, garlic bread, pasta’s, pizza’s, sandwiches, poha, vermicelli, bhel puri etc. Tea is life for most Indians, considering their love for tea.

Sukh Chai has created a strong presence in Delhi with 6 outlets spread across North and South Delhi. Sukh Chai works under the concept of QSR and Dine in Spaces. Sukh Chai has aggressive expansion plans for 2022.

Sukh Chai Menu

sukh chai food menu


Sukh Chai Franchise Opportunity

Sukh Chai has already 6 outlets owned by him. And they provide their own franchise 3 franchise models:-

  1. Sukh Chai Express (Cart / Kiosk)
  2. Sukh Chai Classic (QSR)
  3. Sukh Chai Gold (Café)


Sukh Chai Express (Cart / Kiosk)

  • Area = 80 Sqft to 100 Sqft
  • Type of Place =Mall/ High-street/ Triennials/ Office Spaces.
  • Fees = 2 lacs
  • Deposit = 1 lacs (Refundable)
  • Fit Out Cost =5 lacs
  • Total Cost – 8 lacs (Approx)
  • Royalty = 5% – On Gross Sales payable on a weekly Basis.
    *Locations need to be approved by the company.


Sukh Chai Classic (QSR)

  • Area = 125 Sqft to 200 Sqft
  • Type of Place = Busy Mrkt area/ Commercial Hubs/ institutes / Railways Stations.
  • Fees = 4 lacs
  • Deposit = 1 lacs (Refundable)
  • Fit Out Cost = 10 lacs(Approx)
  • Royalty = 5% – On Gross Sales payable on a weekly Basis.
    *Locations need to be approved by the company.

Sukh Chai Gold (Café)

  • Area = 225 Sqft to 500 Sqft
  • Type of Place = Near Edu. Hubs / Highways /Nr. High street/ Commercial Hubs.
  • Fees = 4 lacs
  • Deposit = 1 lacs (Refundable)
  • Fit Out Cost = 15lacs(Approx)
  • Royalty = 5% – On Gross Sales payable on a weekly Basis.
    *Locations need to be approved by the company.


Sukh Chai Strength & USPs

  1. Training & Team Management.
  2. In House Recipes
  3. Strong Social Media Presence and followers
  4. Sharing of Best Practices and SOPs
  5. Sustainable Branded Disposal
  6. High-Quality Products & Strong Vendor network


Sukh Chai Franchise Support

  1. Assistance in the location search and a detailed market analysis summary will be shared.
  2. All core and approved suppliers will be introduced with the best-negotiated rates with them.
  3. Inventory Management training will be given to the core team.
  4. Marketing support.
  5. Online Food partner integration onboarding (Zomato, Swiggy etc).
  6. Industry best practices and time-to-time upscaling activities will be carried out.
  7. Local Statutory licencing and compliance management to be managed directly.
  8. Billing software and hardware are to be procured directly under the assistance of Sukh Chai.

Sukh Chai Presence

  • Rohini Sec – 9 (Delhi)
  • Rohini Sec – 11 (Delhi)
  • NSP (Delhi)
  • Hudson Lane (Delhi)
  • Kamla Nagar (Delhi)
  • Katwaria Sarai (Delhi)



Sukh Chai has managed to establish itself as one of the fastest-growing tea cafe franchises in India. The restaurant has managed to differentiate itself from other tea cafe chains by offering a unique fusion of traditional tea and local Indian flavours.

This is one of the best options you should choose if you’re looking for a low-investment Tea franchise opportunity then contact us.

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