Broaster Chicken Franchise in India

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Broaster Chicken Franchise in India

Broaster chicken is different form ordinary chicken. Broasting technique is used to make chicken, this thing makes it different.

In this technique principles of deep fryer and boiler are combined, so that customers get tasty and healthy chicken. This technique was founded in 1953.

They are one of the fastest growing American Diner in India with more than 20 running stores. We operate in 36 countries and have 12000 operators.

Apart from that, they use patent American technology which uses 50% less oil, and along with it, they have the Indian touch to our offering because of the presence of celebrity chef Harpal Singh S.

Why to start Broaster Chicken Franchise?

Chicken is something that we Indians really love. But the chicken we eat anywhere is it healthy?

Broaster chicken presents to you the healthy and tasty chicken. Now you can enjoy tasty chicken without compromising with our body shape.

Broaster Chicken Franchise in India



India is changing, the lifestyle is changing therefore we came forward to serve to this changing India.

People are more concerned about their health yet because of Indian genes it is hard to resist the delicious taste of chicken.

Hence, Broaster Chicken came up with something that is good for you in every sense, be it taste wise or health wise.

It is the best option to go for, when you are thinking about franchise business. Our brand targets the segment who love chicken and are yet health conscious.

Most of the youngsters and even adults now lie in this category. They do not eat anything now just like that, they are conscious about their calorie intake.

They are looking forward to have our franchise in Dharamsala, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Karnal, Pune and many more cities across the nation.



  • Patent pressure frying equipment.
  • Proven American favorite for more than 60 years
  • Operates in 36 countries
  • Trusted by more than 5000 operators across America


50 lacs- 1 crore


For franchise opportunity contact us at:  +917827719099

Or mail:

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