Cell Phone Repair (CPR)

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Cell Phone Repair

CPR is the largest chain of cell phone repair stores in the USA and it is now opening in India.

It has partnered with India’s leading company in the telecom domain- Vivasvat Retail & IT Services Pvt Ltd. to open their stores in India.

cell phone repair

Why to start a Cell Phone Repair Franchise?

CPR offers repair solutions for any brand be it Apple, Micromax, Sony, Samsung, LG, HTC, Karbonn, etc. It solves any problem from broken screen to the battery, from charging port to data recovery, from water damage to broken housing, from functionality improvements to the software.

It provides service to every device like a phone, tablet, music player, game station, smartwatch, etc.

Cell Phone Repair is providing services for last 18 years and has 250+ stores globally


CPR offers Moby Squad mobile accessories and refurbished/used phones with a 6-month warranty.

Why CPR?

  • First mover advantage with world largest and best cell phone repair company.
  • Multiple revenue streams– repair services, sales of accessories, the sale of refurbished phones- each one with a potential for recovering franchise costs.
  • No other comparable competitor in the cell phone repair segment
  • World-class training & support programs conducted by expert trainers from the USA
  • Moderate investment opportunity offering amazing returns an impressive payback
  • Proven franchise support system promising tremendous growth & profitability

Details of CPR Franchise

Area requirement: Rs.500+ sq.ft
Investment: Rs. 20lac-30lac
Expansion: Pane India


If you have any query about CPR Franchise. So, free to call at 7827719099.
Email us at Franchisebatao@gmail.com

You also can comment below and we will get in touch with You.

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