Chah Shala Tea Café Franchise


Franchise Batao never got stepped back in any type of franchise. Franchise Batao again here with new business opportunity called Chah Shala Tea Café Franchise.

About Chah Shala

Chah shala is one of the most leading business in tea industry. They have started their company in 2021, its too latest but this the business which is growing very fast. And also they have so many different verities in their brand from tea to mocktails.

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Why Chah Shala

  1. Highley profitable business at low capital investment
  2. Minimum Employee requirement
  3. Premium quality
  4. Higher return on investment
  5. Low work capital
  6. Budget café
  7. Strong cash flow
  8. Large consumer base
  9. Full branding support
  10. innovative ideas
  11. Business method explained

Business model f Chah Shala Tea Café Franchise

They have two types of franchise model:-

  1. First one is kiosk Model
  2. Second one is café model

In kiosk model:-

  • Area- 160 to 250sq. ft
  • Fixed menu
  • Franchise fee @3lac + GST

kiosk model

In Second one is café model:-

  • Area- 260+ sq. ft
  • Additional menu
  • Franchise fee @3lac + GST

cafe model

Franchisor will charge only Fee and rest will be developed by Franchise


  1. Location assessment and finalisation
  2. Outlet design & Fit out
  3. Staff training & support
  4. Marketing &  advertisement assessment.
  5. Ongoing

Royalty in Chah Shala Tea Café Franchise

  • 3% or 6000 whichever is less

How to apply for this franchise:

  1. Call at: 7827719099 or 7557557007
  2. Gmail at:
  3. Apply online by this form
  4. Whatapp us 

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