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What is City Biz connect?

Basically, City Biz Connect Franchise is a type of service Where people get to have a chance to work in small towns who is passionate about their work. Workers like electricians, plumbers, mobile repairers, ac repairers, etc. without any commission and charges.

How does Franchise work?

We made a whole platform suppose, that someone else in Mumbai and he/she have returned to their hometown. People living in Gorakhpur or Delhi are employed according to their skills. So Connect City Bees will give you a profile without any other cost according to your skill and after that people can contact him/her for their work which they need.

The whole world can give work to them according to their need and if you are taking their services then you are decreasing unemployment in the world

What is a business franchise model?

The portal that we created was created to connect these types of people, but what we did is that in this portal we are also adding business and professionals. This is a paid listing. In this, they will take only 499/- for making your profile. In this, they are giving you a mini website for free. Here are all the online stores that will give courage to the people that these people also can sell their products online. They are giving an e-commerce portal to them only just at Rs. 499/-

Till now the normal way was that you make your website and get your product sold. Now, what is it that? you can make your mini-website in city biz by spending Rs 499/- instead of making your website at Rs 20000 or 30000 thousand. Where you can create your profile and sell your products according to you.

If you are a professional, you can tell your service, suppose you are an astrologer, architect, advocate, property dealer. So you can choose your paid profile so that people can search you according to your area and also directly contact you. The company(City biz) does not have any concessions between in this. City Biz is giving you a digital identity according to your area.

The (mini-franchise) model of City Biz connect.

We cannot do this work alone. For this, we need partners, business associates, Franchises. We have placed two concepts here. First master franchise and second mini-franchise.
Those who lost their jobs could become mini franchises in the city biz in Corona. And you can transfer people digitally and make money. Right now there is a mini-franchise of 20000.
In which city Biz are giving them:

  • Lenovo tablet which is 12500 rupees.
  • Branding T-shirts and masks.
  • 5000 connect code.
  • Training them how to tell all these digital profiles and brought them to the search engine from which people can find their digital identity.
  • Control panel.
  • Appointment option.
  • category-wise listing.

How to earn from this City Biz Connect Franchise.

At present the profile is 499 rupees, out of which the company maintains 179 rupees, 50 RS belongs to the master franchisee and the remaining 300 RS will be with the mini-franchise. When they do the activation, then per activation will charge 300 RS. So according to your efforts and hard work you can make money with this franchise.

The (master-franchise) model of City Biz connect.

  • Investment is 100000 lac.
  • Only one person will be given work in the entire district.
  • This franchise will be given only in 30 to 50 years people.
  • Handle all mini-franchises.

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If you want to reach us and know more about this franchise then:

Call at 7557557007 or 7827719099 and WhatsApp us.



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