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People love eating chocolates. They come in different flavors like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc. People like eating chocolates as it is very tasty and it makes them feel happy. This is the reason we give and take it as a happy pill. Chocolate is popular among all age groups. The business opportunity we’ll discuss in this blog is accessible in 11 different countries which is known as The Chocolate Room. You can open “The Chocolate Room” franchise in any city, big or small. Continue reading to learn more about franchise details and about the largest chain of chocolate café, “The Chocolate Room”.

About The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room Franchise

The Aussie Indo Hospitality Group owns the brand The Chocolate Room. The company launched in the year 2007. The company has experienced extremely rapid growth over the previous ten years; it has served more than 10 million clients and has 1,000+ success stories. The brand is now present in 11 countries, 20 or more states, 50 or more cities, and 350 or more chocolate cafés worldwide.

They have the widest menu of 50+ items. Their menu includes various types of chocolate products like chocolate bombs, desserts, cookies, pastries, ice creams, hot chocolate coffee, chocolate sizzlers, chocolate pizzas, etc. and they are very famous in drinks. The Chocolate Room is the highest seller in the market with 14 varieties of chocolates such as Hazelnut Granita, Tiramisu, Dark chocolate, Caramel, Torroncino, Strawberry, and many more. They serve their items with authenticity in a cuddle mug. Snacks and fast food are also included in their menu.

The chocolate room franchise     The chocolate room franchise

The Cholocate Room has unique Sugar Free chocolate things for their elderly chocolate lovers who avoid eating chocolate owing to their illness, which is one more excellent example of those chocolate lovers who have medical issues. As we all know there is a huge percentage of diabetic patients in not only India but all across the world.

Since opening its first location in Ahmedabad in 2007, the brand has expanded steadily, and it now boasts an impressive network of 180 cafes all throughout India. with their Indian operations having their corporate offices in Hyderabad and their headquarters in Ahmedabad.

The chocolate room franchise        The chocolate room franchise


To be recognized as one of the Top Cafes Serving Chocolate


Its 2020 milestone was to open 500 cafes, with more to follow.

Awards & Accreditations

Accreditations & Awards-

  • Got Top rated place for Desserts 2009 by Burrp
  • Got 9001:2008 by ODC Standers Collections
  • Had received Rising Stars 2012-13 by Power Stars
  • Got Galme Awards by Power Brands
  • Also awarded the Best Regional Café of the year 2014 by Franchise India
  • Received Times Food Award 2009 by The Times of India
  • Received Times Food Award 2011 by The Times of India
  • Most Admired Food Café Chain- Ice-Cream & Dessert Parlour 2018
  • Awarded as Fastest Growing Cafe Chain by 94.3 MY FM – 2017
  • Franchisor of the year 2015
  • Indian Restaurant Award 2014
  • My FM Young Achievers Award
  • Most Admired Food Service Chain Of The Year

Support By The Chocolate Room

  • Layout and design of stores
  • Setup of the interior and furniture
  • Recruitment and Training of Manpower
  • Help with Equipment, Inventory, POS Hardware & Software Purchases
  • Supply of Goods and Raw Materials
  • Standard Operating Techniques for TCR Staff and franchise owner training
  • Launch of the Store
  • Stock Management
  • Creating and supporting marketing promotions

Why The Chocolate Room Franchise?

The Chocolate Room, a specialty chocolate café, is now growing rapidly. The staff from the Chocolate Room sells itself. It was the first brand of chocolate café to begin offering franchises in the Indian market. The Indian café sector was the first to use the live cooking idea for offering fresh food.

You will benefit from the following advantages as a franchisee of The Chocolate Room:

  • Low Investment
  • Good ROI
  • Recognized Brand
  • Franchise Support
  • Growth Reassured
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • One Stop Shop
  • Transparent Agreement
  • Technology Support

The Chocolate Room Franchise Opportunity

Its franchise models produce a strong return on investment more quickly ensuring increased profits as a result. The Chocolate Room’s product is self-promoting. You receive as a The Chocolate Room franchisee years of brand recognition, unique recipes that have won awards, client loyalty, better business concepts, and the potential to increase revenue. Also, they don’t serve any frozen food but they believe in serving fresh foods.

Franchise Models:

  • Kiosk Model
  • Compact Model
  • Standalone Model
  • Lounge Model

Kiosk Model

With a modest investment, anyone may create a store of their own using the kiosk model. There is no kitchen in this model but type of a service counter and there you can prepare any item and serve to the customer

Investment:- 15- 20 Lac. (franchise fee is included)

Area Required:- 300- 400 sq. ft

Franchise Fee:- 5 Lac.+ GST

Compact Model

You get a kitchen with a suitable platform and workspace in this model. This model also has more equipment, which raises the investment required for it. The company will provide chefs and employees.

Investment:- 30- 35 Lac. (franchise fee is included)

Area required:- 500- 700 sq. ft

Franchise Fee:- 10 Lac.+ GST

Standalone Model

In this model, you acquire the bakery in order to create the manufacturing facility. Get the most food products possible from the company so you can deliver food comfortably.

Investment:- 50- 55 Lac. (franchise fee is included)

Area Required:- 1200- 1500 Sq.ft

Franchise Fee:- 15 Lac.+ GST

Lounge Model

This is the special model created by the company. More facilities come with more investment. The base of this model is the Standalone Model.

Investment:- (special amount)

Area Required:- 2000- 4000 Sq.ft

Franchise Fee:- (special amount)


Pay 8% royalty charges per month.

Agreement Information

You must pay a one-time franchise fee that must be renewed every five years. At the beginning of the sixth year, when the company asks if you want to advance yourself or not? If not, you simply have to pay a 10% of renewal fee; however, if you wish to develop your business, you can create a kiosk model to compact model, a compact model to standalone model, and a standalone model to lounge model.

This is a great option if you want to work with a reputable and well-known company. To learn more about franchise business opportunities, don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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