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The Fastest growing Pizza Franchise

Are you looking for a Pizza Franchise in India?

If yes then there is a great opportunity for you to start with GO69 Pizza Franchise Business.

The Story of GO69 Pizza

GO69 is an Indian Pizza Brand, which started in 2015, and now it is in full expansion mode. The first outlet was started in Rajajipuram, Lucknow, UP. The Brand is currently running more than 65 plus outlets across 15 states of the country like Bihar, Manipur, Gujarat, Telangana. It serves many varieties and good quality with yummy taste. They present a great range of pizzas along with other fast food. The menu consists of Pizza, Desserts, Pasta, Burgers, Rolls, Noodles, Sandwiches, Fries, Fried Chicken buckets, Family combo, and Beverages. The company has been awarded as the Fastest Growing Indian Pizza Chain. GO69 Pizza has more than 60 outlets in India and having the target of the opening of more than 500 Franchise Stores by 2025.

Why GO69 Pizza

We believe in providing solutions for the most challenging problems of food business i.e. Staff Management, Vendor Management, Supply Management, and Client Management.


Pre-Opening Support 

Site Selection: Our process starts with helping the franchise for identification of a suitable site that means our criteria ( the location, visibility, access, etc.)

Store Set-Up:  After Site Finalization, our infrastructure vendor along with our team makes sure they build the store according to the company standards within a given timeframe.

Pre Launch Stock: Our team from HO will provide the design kit for the required internal stock and helps the client to procure the local items as required.

Team Hiring/ Traning: We support the partner in hiring a suitable team to run the store and our expert trainers will provide all training to them like food, Services, and Store operations.

Pre Launch Marketing: We help the store team in identifying the key marketing areas around the store location and provide the all required marketing related collateral designs to the store.

Post Opening Support 

Hand Holding: Our expert’s operations team will provide the handling support of 5 to 10 days to the newly opened store team. They will train the standard operating procedure in a live environment to the store team.

Brand Management: Our marketing team will maintain the brand value among the clients through various client engagement methodologies.

R & D Foe New Product: We believe in innovation, so our core team always works in R&D for the individual store and will keep the track on each item on our menu. They will help the local team to realign the menu to gain maximum traction on our clientage.

Loyalty / Offer Program: We run an exclusive loyalty program for store clients to make sure that they always cherish their relationship with GO69 Pizza.

Support Visits: Our representative from each department will visit the store frequently to perform the quality audit, Stock Audit, and to help the team for various marketing activities in the catchment area.

Trained Chef: The most important aspect of In GO69 Pizza is training chefs. This is one aspect of the business., which if ignored, can result in a downfall of a restaurant. GO69 has a big pool of trained chefs and it runs training and development exercises for its chefs on regular inverters to ensure the quality of the products is retained in all its outlets. This has devised a well, accepted system of training programs.

Vendor Management: A professional team at GO69 pizza will support the partner manager to maintain the required stock of both Dry & fresh stock at store to maintain the seamless operations.

Our technology partner also helps us track the stock status via billing software and will timely notify bot store managers and Franchise coordinates and requirement of stock.


GO69 pizza Franchise

GO69 Pizza Franchise


Frequently eating out and fast-moving lifestyles give a very large headroom for the growth QSR industry in India.

so we hope this blog is helpful in your decision making.

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