Jumboking Burger Franchise


There are several well-known cuisine varieties available nowadays. People, however, prefer a variety of flavors in their cuisine, and they expect specialty food. Burgers from the Jumboking restaurant chain are well-known. The opportunity to own a Jumboking Burger franchise is here. After five years of success in a significant city like Bombay, it is now expanding its stores in other cities. Additionally, simply growing the network of eateries where you can consume a variety of burgers. Currently, the burger franchise claims to have annual revenue of about₹75-80 lakh per store. However, Dheeraj Gupta said before Covid, it had an annual turnover of about ₹1 crore per store.”.

About Jumboking Jumboking Burger Franchise

Dheeraj Gupta started Jumboking on August 23, 2001, the largest network of privately managed fast-service businesses in western India. It is a favorite among college students and young working professionals for its delicious vegetarian cuisine, which includes burgers, thick shakes, softy, and fries. It has more than 110 outlets in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Lucknow, and Hyderabad.

The eateries provide the widest variety of thick shakes, softy, fries, and vegetarian burgers at affordable and reasonable prices Technology is used by the company to improve both its internal and external control systems. To manage orders placed outside of its physical location, it has delivery partnerships with Swiggy and Zomato. In India, it is a franchise business innovator.

The business uses an “on-the-go eating” business strategy, with a particular focus on expanding near metro stations. Additionally, simply growing the network of eateries where you can consume a variety of burgersThe brand considers the number of customers/footfall at the departure points of a metro station when deciding where to set up a franchise. The metro location’s baseline consumer count is 20,000 per day, said Dheeraj Gupta

Jumboking Burger Franchise

Why franchise with Jumboking?

  • The biggest locally-owned burger chain has more than 100 locations in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Ahmadabad, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Delhi.
  • Support for the brand in-store selection and decision-making, marketing and advertising, training, and support, together with tech-commercial advice.
  • Team with specialist skills that provide operational excellence and business techniques.


  • Food supply chain
  • Low product price
  • Marketing support
  • Auditing support
  • Store interior
  • Offers

Franchise Fee   

The franchise is required to pay a one-time, non-refundable franchise fee in the amount of 3 lakhs plus GST. The Franchisee must additionally provide a refundable, interest-free security deposit worth 50,000.

The franchise cost covers being a part of the brand and using the brand’s name as a franchisee. The franchise cost is non-negotiable in the Jumboking burger franchise business opportunity.

Jumboking Burger Franchise

How much does it cost to open a store?

The store setup will cost about 20 lac for a 250 sq. ft outlet.

Area Required:

It has created a tiny model, and to open a Jumboking store, you need at least 200–250 square feet of space.


Approxmatically 20 Lakhs + Property deposit and franchise fee are included in it.


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