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Food franchises are quite popular and prosperous in India because they bring in a significant amount of money. Making the wrong choice, though, will cost you money and time. Selecting the most recognised food franchise that will help you succeed is essential. You would need to get paid enough in return for your efforts. Every part of this food franchise will benefit you. The Zoop Cafe franchise is only available to those who want to launch a food business with a low upfront investment.

About Zoop Cafe

Even the general public is interested in and profitable with this food business concept. Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Goa, Chattisgarh, and Maharashtra all have outlets for this cafe. And the people who live in these states love it. The biggest problem the food business is currently facing is how to employ a chef for your restaurant.

Fortunately, Zoop Cafe has found a solution to this issue, so you no longer need to create anything here on your own. You now have the chance to run a restaurant without a cook in Zoop Cafe Franchise. Zoop provides you with readymade and pre-cooked food. Heat it and serve.

Zoop Cafe continuously upholds the same flavor, which is crucial in the food industry and the reason for its good Google rankings. The new meals at Zoop Cafe are also very reasonably priced. They frequently offer new, affordable, and high-quality food, which keeps people coming back. Consumer trust in a restaurant is influenced by three things: quality, cost, and service. The zoop café balances all of these in their business.

Everything that is offered on their menu is supplied by the zoop company. You don’t need to be concerned with the meal’s recipes. And there will be zero transport charges. And you will get the supplies directly in your store. Simply concentrate on the presentation for your clients. To maintain a good and reputable business, how you offer food is also important.

Food Varieties 

  1. 5 types of Pizzas
  2. 4 types of Rolls
  3. 6 types of Burgers
  4. 4 varieties of Momos
  5. 2 types of Chinese dishes
  6. Morning breakfast 5 varieties
  7. Mumbai Vada Pav of 4 different taste
  8. 4 varieties of Samosa and Tikki
  9. Pav Bhaji
  10. 4 different types of French Fries
  11. Shakes and Mocktails
  12. 8 varieties of Hot Tea
  13. 4 varieties of Colf Coffe
  14. Pani Puri with 4 different flavors
  15. Amazing Combos

What makes zoop cafe appealing?

  • Zero franchise fees
  • Low setup cost
  • No chef cook required
  • 100% training support

Business Models

  • Mini Model
  • Cafe Model
Mini Model :

To start a small business, it requires only Rs. 1,75,000

Cafe Model :

To start a food business using the café model, you simply need to invest Rs. 2,50,000 Lakhs.


If you want to operate Zoop Cafe as a master franchisee, you must invest between 5 and 6 lakhs.

zoop cafe franchise

Area Required

  • 150 – 200 Sq.ft area is required and you can run this business with any normal employee. And if your employees are on holiday then you can handle your store very easily.

Profit Margin

  • In this food business, you may easily achieve 40% profitability

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